Double Dutch Bicycle – Cyclorama’s Exclusive Exposé

Commonly known as the cargo bike from Holland, Double Dutch bicycles specifically include clever special constructions meant to transport children and all sorts of cargo. Before you confuse them with other types of bikes meant to carry kids like the instep bike, this type of bicycle is pretty rad and solid.

Key Qualities and Benefits

Those who have been fortunate enough to own or ride a double dutch bicycle will be quick to highlight the following as some of the main qualities attached to double dutch bicycles:

  • Impressive quality featuring heavy-duty welds throughout the frame.
  • It has a durable design for hauling people or cargo, and it is built to last for years of heavy use.
  • It has an excellent finish at the wooden cargo box (for those with one), lights, and frame.
  • Comes preassembled and everything fits and function perfectly.
  • Has complete packaging that includes tools, extra hardware, a seat cushion, rain deflector, and box cover for every model.
  • High-quality extras made of stainless steel
  • Excellent post-sale customer service
  • The double dutch bicycles are fun to own
  • They have fewer maintenance costs
  • Are perfect for workouts

A double dutch bicycle is a multi-geared machine that commonly features up to seven gears, meaning that you can comfortably haul up to 5-year-old kids up steep terrains.

Bottom line

Owning and riding a double dutch bicycle is one of the most refreshing biking experiences that one can have. They are awe-inspiring products, and you can always check if they are available for purchase if you are interested. Most forums highlight them as front-load family cargo bikes that enable you to bring along your kid, pet, or cargo during routine cycling workouts or when running errands around the block. As time progresses, we hope to see better versions that might include electric-powered double dutch bicycle models.

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