February 10, 2022

Banana Seat Bike For Adults – 8 options


Before we discuss the best banana seat bike for adults, let’s take a closer look at the history of biking.

Cycling has been in existence since the late 18th century. Styles of bicycles have evolved over time to best suit the needs and comfort of their riders. Here are some facts regarding the banana seat bikes including how the seats were invented and their impact on the sport of bicycling today.

In 1963, Schwinn introduced the Sting-Ray, the first bike with a ‘banana’ seat and high-rise handlebars. The Sting-Ray was the precursor to BMX bikes that became popular in the 1970s. The fall in popularity of the Banana seat bike for adults remained the top seller for companies such as Schwinn, Huffy, and Sears through the 1960s and well into the 1970s. In the late 1970s, bicycle enthusiasts in California began to modify bike models for off-road use and trick performance.

If you’re considering a new bike seat, it’s likely because the one you’re currently riding on is uncomfortable. Comfort is a common issue, especially among new cyclists, and one solution is to get a new saddle that’s better suited to the type of riding you do and your body mechanics.

Choosing a new seat can be a daunting task, though. There are lots of options and comfort is often very subjective, which means the saddle that works for your friend won’t necessarily work for you. This article will help you understand how things like bike seat materials, cushioning, design, and size, as well as the type of riding you do, can influence your choice of the bike seat.

If you’re headed to a bike shop, see if you can test ride a seat to check the comfort. Many stores, even if they don’t have the exact one you want to test, will have something comparable that you can try. While you’re riding, vary your position, ride quickly and more slowly, and hit some bumps.

With no further ado, let’s now look at how bike saddles work then head straight to the best banana seat bike for adults to buy today.

How Saddles work

Just like when sitting on a chair, it is the sit bones at the lowest point in the pelvis that support the body’s weight, and these are crucial for saddle fit.

When in the riding position, the perineal area for men and the pubic bone arch for women may also rest on the saddle.

Although these areas can hold a small amount of weight, pressure reduction here is critical to avoid numbness and pain that results from this nerve and blood vessel-rich area.

Sit bone widths vary between individuals, and therefore saddle manufacturers often produce models in a range of widths. Also, statistically speaking, women have wider hips than men, so they on average also have wider sit bones and require wider saddles.

If your saddle is too narrow, you might experience undue pressure on the sit bones or unevenness in the saddle. If you go too wide, you risk chafing.

A word of caution. It’s a common myth that bike saddles are inherently uncomfortable, which can, unfortunately, put people off riding altogether.  A suitable saddle shouldn’t cause any discomfort at all: no numbness, pain, chafing or pinching. 

Like a great pair of bib shorts, a good saddle for you is the one you don’t notice is there.

If you’re relatively new to cycling, it’s important to stress that it can take some time for your body to get used to being in the saddle for sustained periods of time. 

Just like that aching feeling you might get from your first visit back to the gym after a while, you have to build a degree of strength and resilience to be comfortable. 

The good news is, providing your saddle is right for you, your body will soon adapt to your new position in the saddle.

However, if you’re still suffering from saddle pain after the first few weeks then it could be wise to look for an alternative seat.

Banana Seat Bike For Adults – Best Options

#1 – Alta Bicycle 20″ Vinyl Banana Seat

The Alta Bicycle 20″ Vinyl Banana Seat Bike for Adults incorporates an innovative new construction process and aims to create a custom, fit-to-body feel. We found it provides excellent support, this saddle allowed our tester to ride in total comfort. The only major downside is the cost, which is largely attributed to the fact that this is new technology.  On a minor gripe not, we found the honeycomb design can be hard to clean dirt out of.


  • Variety of color options
  • Durable Vinyl construction
  • Firm padding


  • High-quality construction
  • Durable banana seat bike for adults
  • Classic look


  • Very firm feel

#3 – Fenix Cycles 20″ Banana Seat/Saddle

Remember about the banana seat bike being a showpiece and how everyone can see to appreciate the design? The Fenix Cycles 20″ Banana Seat Bike for Adults is perfect for the rider to stand out. Cruising with the 26-inch beach cruiser banana seat around the neighborhood equipped with flaming seats will surely turn the eyes. With Banana bikes and these seats, you will only need a branded jacket to get into biker clubs.


  • Quality vintage design
  • Vinyl saddle cover
  • Sturdy bar included
  • Firm padding


  • Classic vintage look
  • Easy to install
  • Usable


  • Feels very hard

#5 – Alta 26″ Bicycle Banana Saddle

Have you heard a single solid color is a new trend? You do not always have to stick to the classic, old, tested designs. It is okay and exciting even to test out unique and colorful designs. That is where the Alta 26″ Bicycle Banana Seat Bike for Adults comes in to bring you up to 5 different solid color options.


  • Wide solid color options
  • Vinyl covers
  • Firm padding.


  • Complete set
  • Wide application
  • Quality design


  • Hard to sit on

#7 – CDHPOWER Banana Saddle Seat

The CDHPOWER Banana Seat Bike for Adultsis a long-nosed saddle, suited to riders who like to move around on the bike, sitting on the nose during efforts and placing their weight back on the climbs.  The cut-out is long and provides a good level of relief, though it is relatively narrow. This saddle comes in three widths, so there should be an option for most riders, and you can buy it with carbon or steel rails at varying price points. 


  • Firm padding
  • Vinyl covers
Banana seat bike for adults - CDHPOWER Banana Saddle Seat for Bicycle w/Frame Equipped - 66cc/80cc Gas Motorized Bicycle Black - Image 1


  • High quality construction
  • Wide application
  • Very durable
  • Classic vintage look


  • Limited varieties to choose from

#8 – Alta 20″ Banana Saddle/Seat

The Alta 20″ Banana Seat bike for Adults is ideal for shorter rides on bikes that put you in an upright position. It has a center groove that takes the weight off your soft tissue and offers plenty of padding where it redistributes that pressure. The channel down the midline of the seat also allows for airflow through the area, keeping your nether regions from getting too sweaty. Its seat rails are strong and lightweight, and the padded, cutaway design is suitable for both genders.


  • Padded rails
  • Plenty of firm padding
  • Grove design


  • Breathable pick
  • Wide application
  • Universal fit


  • Size issues

How to Choose the Best Banana Seat Bike for Adults

Finding the perfect banana seat bike for adults for you can take a little work. First: try to determine what it is you don’t like about an existing saddle – are there key aspects that don’t seem right? If so, use those to determine what needs to change. Riders who spend a lot of time in an aggressive position often want a pressure relief channel, while those who desire the freedom to move around a lot will favor a longer nose.

Next: shop around, look for models that are suited to your style of riding, level of flexibility and anatomy. Ideally, seek out brands that offer a proper fitting process such as the Selle Italia ‘idmatch’ that you’ll find in all stores that stock their models. Alternatively, hunt out the brands that offer test saddles from dealers. Any returns policy on offer is also important.

Some companies will allow you to buy a saddle to try it out and swap it for another if you are not happy with it within 30 days. This is very useful for testing a few options.


Out of all the parts on a bicycle, it’s likely that no single component can affect your ride quite like the piece of plastic and foam that supports your sitting apparatus. The right saddle makes the bike feel more like an extension of your body instead of a contraption that you are perched on top of. Pick the wrong one and each mile can be grim and painful. But selecting the right saddle can be tricky. Unlike other cycling gear that can be objectively evaluated, saddles are a very personal choice, one that is usually based on body shape, riding style, preference on how much or how little padding the saddle provides, and of course, comfort over the long haul.

Even with the right saddle, lots of bumps or long days in the saddle can lead to perineum compression. So, finding the most comfortable bike seat may require you to adjust your riding style. We hope that this guide will go a long way in helping you find the right banana seat bike for adults to use.

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