January 26, 2022

9 Best Kids Bike Locks


It’s normal for kids to get emotionally attached to their bikes, and this can’t be ignored. That’s why kids’ bike locks are important. Wait you don’t believe me? Let’s dig in a little deeper.

You can only imagine the level of hurt and disappointment a child will feel if his beloved bike was stolen from him, even if only momentarily. Protecting a child against such a heart-breaking experience is the reason why bike locks came into existence and have been increasingly upgraded to ensure better protection for the child’s bicycle.

In this article, we will look at the best kids’ bike locks available today and we hope that the options discussed herein will make it easier for you to make the right decision on the exact kid’s bike lock needed for your little ones.

Kids’ Bike Lock – Best Options

#1 – NDakter Bike Lock

The NDakter Kids Bike Lock contraption is all you need to secure your mountain bike against thieves, and with the different colors it comes in, you’ll be able to pick one that perfectly matches your bike. The Ndakter bike lock cable itself is made of heavy-duty braided steel and measures about 12 mm in thickness.

The cable is also covered in a plastic PVC coating to keep it immune to different weather conditions and is secured by a competent combination lock that needs you to input a 5-digit code for it to open. Let’s find out how it fares compared to the bike locks in our best bike lock list.

Securing your bike doesn’t get any easier than using the Ndakter Bike Lock. Its 5 digits resettable combination lock is sturdier than most, and its vinyl coating makes sure that the cable never yields to rain or scratches.

Kids bike lock - NDakter Bike Lock Cable,4 Feet High Security 5 Digit Resettable Combination Coiling Bike Cable Lock,Bicycle Cable Lock for Bicycle Outdoors, 1.2mx12mm Black - Image 1


  • Mounting bracket included
  • Keyless
  • Variety of colours

Cons No money-back guarantee

#2 – Sanwo Security Bike Lock

Sanwo Security Bike Lock is made of steel and ABS coating, this lock is both repellent to thieves and resistant to the elements. The material further makes it protective against scratches to the bike so you can rest assured that your child will use it for several years without incurring damage to the bike.

The cord itself is two feet long so they will be able to lock up the bike with ease regardless of the location. To secure it, it is designed with a four-digit combination which is convenient as your little one won’t have to keep track of the location of the keys. Plus the code is resettable so not only is the lock easy to use but also easy to maintain.

The advantage to this lock is that it is just about the lightest we have come across. At 4.8 ounces, children can easily carry it around and tie it to their bikes with no significant added weight. With five fun and vibrant colours to choose from, your kids will definitely love this one!

Kids bike lock - Sanwo Security Bike Lock 4 Digit Resettable Combination Cable Lock for Bicycle, 2 Feet x 1/2 Inch Black - Image 1


  • Keyless convenience
  • lightweight and flexible
  • Keyless
  • Resistant to the elements


  • Vulnerable to cutting

#3 – Etronic Bike Lock

With the Etronic Kids Bike Lock, you can be sure that your bike will remain safe wherever you keep it, as every effort to break through the lock will be fully resisted by the heavily braided steel design. This uniquely designed bicycle lock ensures the safety of your bike, scooter, or other devices while giving you the peace of mind needed to carry on with other activities.

The lock comes designed with a heavy-duty braided steel cord, which makes cutting through it impossible. This helps protect your bicycle from theft and allows you some time to yourself while taking a break from riding.

Made from PVC and ABS material, your lock is prevented from unnecessary scratches, preserving its aesthetic appeal. Also, it will last for a considerably long time without any wear and tear.

It comes with a five-digit combination code, which produces thousands of possible combinations to ensure the safety of your bike. Only the person with the right combination will be able to unlock your bike, and that person is you.

Kids bike lock - Etronic Bike Lock M6, Cable Lock 6 Feet Long Coiled Security Resettable Combo Combination Lock Bicycle Lock with Mounting Bracket Black - Image 1


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Keyless protection
  • 6ft long


  • Lock failure

#4 – VLTAWA Bike Lock

The VLTAWA Bike Lock comes with heavily braided steel cables, which makes cutting through it completely impossible. This allows you to rest easy while your bike is secured with this lock. Like most new modern bicycle locks, this model also comes with a five-digit combination that provides you with thousands of combination options that only you will know.

This ensures no one else can unlock your bike except for you. Uniquely designed, it is extremely lightweight and can be easily brought on all your biking trips. It also comes in varying colours, allowing you to pick one that appeals to you. It is also usable by both males and females. It has a 12-month warranty, so any production defects can be readily sorted out if it falls within the warranty.

Kids bike lock - VLTAWA Bike Lock with Mounting Bracket, 4 ft Bike Lock Cable, 1/2 in Diameter High Security Bicycle Lock, 5 Digit Resettable Bike Locks with Combinations (Lightweight, 1.2mx12mm) (Orange) Yellow - Image 1


  • High performance
  • Convenient
  • Weatherproof
  • Keyless


  • Difficult lock combination

#5 – Opaza Bike Lock

Priding itself in its sturdy construction and ease of use, the Opaza Kids Bike Lock is easily one of our favourites. This cable lock is strongly constructed with flexible braided steel which makes it highly cut resistant. Aside from the interwoven steel, some its most premium components include the solid zinc alloy lock cylinder and lock plug with ABS shell which make the lock more durable and safe.

The PVC coating works to prevent scratching to the cable as well as to the bike. This lock conveniently coils for easy storage but what we love the most is that it locks and unlocks through a 4-digit combination. The rider is free to set their own personalized combination number. Just be sure that they don’t set a repetitive code that any thief would easily guess!

Moreover, the convenience of this cable lock even runs to its release mechanism! It just hooks one end to the other when the cable is not in use then uses an easy release button to unhook it for use. Plus the lock comes with a complimentary mounting bracket that is significantly bigger than the ordinary mount.

Kids bike lock - Opaza Bike Lock with 5-Digit Code, 1.2M/4ft Bicycle Lock Combination Cable Lock Lightweight & Security Bike Chain Lock for Bicycle, Mountain Bike, Scooter Black - Image 1


  • Mounting bracket included
  • Coils compactly during storage
  • Resettable combination locking mechanism
  • Sturdily construction


  • Susceptible to bolt cutters

#6 – ZHEGE Bike Lock

The ZHEGE Bike Lock is a suitable combination lock for children and offers excellent basic protection with a low risk of theft. It is the ideal helper to you secure your child’s bicycle or teach them responsibility. The lock is available in attractive and cool colors and is opened using a combination of numbers. This means that the bicycle lock can easily be used by several people. The colorful plastic coating protects the bicycle from scratches and damage to the paintwork.

Kids bike lock - ZHEGE Bike Lock, 5-Digit Combination Bicycle Lock, 110cm Resettable Combo Cable Lock with Mounting Bracket for Road, Mountain Security Number Lock for Scooter, Ladders, Grills, Gates Blue - Image 1


  • 5-digit combination lock system
  • Strong and flexible design
  • Wide application
  • Easy to use


  • Quality problems

#7 – HUIYUFEI Bicycle Lock

Made with a 6mm high tensile cable that is protected with a plastic sheath, you can rely on HUIYUFEI Bicycle Lock even in poor weather conditions as no water or dirt can permeate it. Not only is it well-made but it is also appropriately lengthy and the perfect way to fix the bike to a solid standpoint for short-term security.  

So why is this a perfect match for your kid? For one, the combination mechanism helps activate their minds, and two because the lock does what it promises; which is protecting the bike.   The combination itself is very easy to set and the mechanism of unlocking it is pretty self-explanatory.

Lastly, this lightweight lock is perfect for the youngest riders who would experience difficulty carrying larger locks. It is light enough to be portable yet strong enough to secure against opportunistic theft. This is why it’s one of the best kids bike locks for locking a single post to the frame or as a secondary lock for the wheel to the frame and a perfect tool for highly secure areas.

Kids bike lock - Bike Locks, HUIYUFEI Bicycle Lock High Security 5 Digit Resettable Combination Core Steel Wire Bike Lock Cable for Bike Outdoors,4 Feet x 1/2 inch Black - Image 1


  • Portable
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Weather-resistant
  • Highly affordable


  • Easy to cut

#8 – MEETLOCKS Coiled Combination Cable Lock

The MEETLOCKS Coiled Combination Cable Lock comprises of steel and ABS coating, this lock is both repellent to thieves and resistant to the elements. The material further makes it protective against scratches to the bike so you can rest assured that your child will use it for several years without incurring damage to the bike.

The cord itself is two feet long so they will be able to lock up the bike with ease regardless of the location. To secure it, it is designed with a four-digit combination which is convenient as your little one won’t have to keep track of the location of the keys. Plus the code is resettable so not only is the lock easy to use but also easy to maintain.

Kids bike lock - MEETLOCKS Coiled Combination Cable Lock,Cable Size 1/3 Inch x 4 Feet, Light Mini Strong Lock for Children Bike or Luggage Sets - Image 1


  • Keyless convenience
  • Lightweight design
  • Keyless protection


  • Can be cut with ease

#9 – Schwinn Anti-Theft Bike Lock

Just like the Schwinn bike models, there’s a lot to like about the Schwinn Anti-Theft Kids Bike Lock.

For starters, this has to be one of the lightest bike locks you can find in the market. It comes just short of a pound in weight, so you can be sure that your child won’t have trouble carrying it around.

This heavy-duty 8mm braided self-coiling cable has the perfect length for kids’ bikes at 6 feet long. Young riders will have no qualms manoeuvring the cable to secure their bikes even from awkward lengths and as for storage; being a self-coiling lock that coils tightly compactly comes as a huge bonus!

We were particularly thrilled with how easy and straightforward the operation of this lock is. To lock the cable, one need only snap its ends together but you need the key to unlock it. And to protect it from the weather, a tough vinyl cover covers the length of the cable. 

That said, the only downside to this lock is that it is not built to withstand a lot of force. The biggest flaw with cable locks is that they are just underprepared for cutting attacks. Any bolt cutter will easily cut through it in a matter of seconds.

But in essence, this cable is designed to protect against opportunistic thieves. This is why this lock is an appropriate candidate for adults looking to use it for quick stops or children who are mostly securing the bike in already safe environments.

Kids bike lock - Schwinn Anti Theft Bike Lock, Security Levels 1-5, Cable and U-Lock Options Security Level 1/Combination Lock 4 Foot/12mm Cable - Image 1


  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Perfect length for kids’ bikes
  • Coils tightly for compact storage
  • Very cost-effective


  • Susceptible to cutting


There are a large variety of bicycle locks for kids available on the market, but when it comes to choosing the best, you can’t go wrong with any of the locks discussed above. Picking a winner is not easy, but when we consider price, aesthetics, durability, ease of use, and true security, the NDakter Kids Bike Lock would be our first choice.

With its heavy braided steel cord, easy-to-use 5-digit combination lock, and extremely good price, it beats the other two. The Sanwo Security Kids Bike Lock comes in a very close second place, having almost the same features as the NDakter. However, the difficulty in using the keyless lock makes us place it as the runner-up, followed closely by Etronic Kids Bike Lock, which is quite simple to use and also fairly priced with keyless protection.

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