January 25, 2022

8 Best Bell Bike Pumps


If you’re looking for a bell bike pump, you’ve come to the right place.

No matter what kind of cyclist you are, you’re going to need a bike pump. Just like drivers depend on air compressors, bike pumps are non-negotiable. And while it seems like a simple piece of equipment, a pump can make or break your ride. Before you head out the door for a ride, you’re going to want to ensure that your tires are pumped to the right pressure for the type of ride that you’re doing.

There are thousands of options when it comes to buying a bike pump, from mini-pumps with digital gauges to high-pressure bike pumps with extra chambers for mounting a tubeless tire to the rim on the first try.

Here, we’re simplifying the list to bring you the best buying options for the bell bike pumps to suit your riding needs:

Bell Bike Pump – Best Options

#1 – BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump

The BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bell Bike Pump features a modern valve head, allowing you to easily switch between Schrader and Presta valves, without having to worry about air leaks. The hose measures 34 inches in length and can pivot at 360 degrees to make pumping easier. The integrated gauge is large enough to read with no effort on your behalf and it’s easy to use for setting the desired pressure.

Thanks to the large base, you can get more air into your tires with every pump. The oversized handle allows you to get a good grip, without worrying about sweaty hands slipping off of it. The base is very sturdy, which makes it easy to pump air into your tires without any useless pump movement.  One thing you’re going to love about the BV bike pumps is their versatility. It comes with a sports ball needle and an inflatable device, allowing you to inflate not just sports balls, but also pool floats.

The average size of the pump will make it easy to throw it in your car’s trunk and take it with you on camping trips, beach holidays, or mountain biking circuits. Due to the fact that this pump is all about high pressure and low volume, it won’t help you in inflating large tires. It could work for other small tires around the house, like maybe a wheelbarrow tire. The pumping motion is very smooth and you won’t end up feeling tired after using it.

Bell bike pump - BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Smart Valve Head, 160 psi, Automatically Reversible Presta and Schrader - Image 1

#2 – Bell Air Glide Bicycle Floor Pumps

Bell Air Glide Bicycle Floor Pumps are specifically designed to inflate tires fast. Their high-volume, wide-barrel design pushes more air with each stroke to quickly inflate the wider tires found on most types of bikes. This option is designed for inflation of all types of bike tires. Their tall, thin-barrel design offers less resistance, making it easy to inflate a wide bike tire as well as the thinner, high-pressure bike tires.

Bicycle pumps inflate bicycle tires, but they’re also used for all kinds of other inflation jobs like pumping up sports balls, toys, and rafts. That’s why most bell bike pumps include a bonus ball needle and inflation cone that store conveniently right on the hose. Most bikes use Schrader valves, the same short, sturdy valve used on car tires.

Presta valves are typically found on the road and high-end mountain bike tires that require high air pressure. Proper tire pressure lets your bike roll quickly, ride smoothly, and fend off flats. Bell offers a variety of foot, frame, and floor pumps with accurate, easy-read gauges that take the guesswork out inflating your tires to the correct pressure.

Bell bike pump - Bell Air Glide Bicycle Floor Pumps Black - Image 1

#3 – Bell Air Glide High Pressure Floor Pump

Bell Air Glide High-Pressure Floor Pump comes with an air needle used to inflate sports balls. The included gauge makes it easier to read the numbers without having to bend over the pump itself and can go as high as 140 PSI, which is great for bike tires. The base of this bell bike pump is made of plastic and it’s wide enough to provide stability while you’re pumping. The handle grips feel very solid and your hands won’t slip off as you’re pumping your tires. 

The pump also integrates a holster that is used to hold other adapters, so you always have them at hand when needed. The whole pump is made of metal and plastic. The cylinder and the gauge are both made of metal, but the latter is encased in plastic. The handle and the base of the pump are made of hard plastic.

Please note that using this pump the first time can be a bit puzzling, as the valve chuck basically works backward compared to pretty much every other pump you’ve ever used. Sliding the lever up will lock it while sliding it down will unlock it.

Bell bike pump - Bell Air Glide High Pressure Floor Pump with Gauge, Blue - Image 1

#4 – Bell Floornado High Volume Bicycle Floor Pumps

The Bell Floornado High Volume Bicycle Floor Pumps has one of the most accurate pressure gauges I’ve tested. When pumping, its dual-stage pressure gauge gets close enough that you don’t need to double-check it with a dedicated pressure checker. While this bell bike pump is not digital, the gauge is accurate even at low pressures, where many pumps don’t register PSI. Its oversized gauge numbers were easy to read and the gauge has a twist ring that allowed me to pre-select the pressure I wanted while also providing a visual cue when I reached it. The Air Tool is ergonomic, with a flared, textured no-slip handle, and sandpapery footpads on the stable triangular base.

Even with rapid-fire pumping, the pump stayed put. A 41-inch long hose made it easy to pump tires on bikes that were already loaded on a car hitch rack, too. The pump head also has a grip and an easy-to-grasp lever that locks securely onto the valve when flipped open. Its steel base and aluminum air canister were extremely durable, as well.

The twist ring on the pump head is textured for easy removal and replacement, and also allows for easy switching between Presta and Schrader compatibility. The pump was efficient in inflating mountain, gravel, commuter, e-bike, and road tires. It does have a max PSI of 120, so if you’re a performance road biker who prefers higher pressure, this isn’t the pump for you. When not in use, the hose wraps over the handle and clips to the top of the air canister on both sides.

Bell bike pump - Bell Floornado High Volume Bicycle Floor Pumps 350 Gray - Image 1

#5 – Bell Windstorm 400 High Volume Floor Pump

The Bell Windstorm 400 High Volume Floor Pump’s valve head works on Presta and Schrader valves. If you happen to overfill your tires, the pressure relief valve deflates your tire to make it right. Although the gauge is mounted on the base, it’s large and easy to read. The handle is shaped like a wing to give you the space you need to fully inflate your bike’s tires. This floor bike pump has a maximum pressure of 40 PSI and comes with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

Bell bike pump - Bell Windstorm 400 High Volume Floor Pump - Image 1

#6 – Bell Air Stomper Foot Pump

The Bell Air Stomper Foot Pump with Gauge is a few inches shorter than the average floor pump, making it a more convenient travel companion. We found it easy to jigsaw into a trunk already overcrowded with bikes and gear. And since it’s so light, it won’t push your checked baggage over the airline’s weight limit. Our testing found that the gauge was accurate up to 100 psi, although the graduations on the dial go all the way up to 160 psi.

This pump is best for road and thin gravel tires. Although you can fill fat tires with the Bell Air Stomper Foot Pump with Gauge, it’s not a high-volume pump, so you’ll get a triceps workout filling mountain bike tires. Although the shaft is steel, the base and handle are plastic. That’s not a deal-breaker, but it means the pump isn’t as robust as the more expensive ones on this list. But at this price, it’s a great value.

Bell bike pump - Bell Air Stomper Foot Pump with Gauge - Image 1

#7 – Bell Air Attack High Volumn Pump

The Bell Air Attack High Volume Pump is an ideal bell bike pump for most popular bike types thanks to its wide barrel design. Simply put, the pump delivers more air with every stroke. In comparison, the Air Glide pumps cater to the high-pressure tires found on road and commuter bikes thanks to their tall and thin barrels.

This mountain bike pump has a maximum of 100 PSI and comes with a gauge mounted on the base to help you track how much air is in the tires. You can use this floor pump for more than just bikes thanks to the included ball needle and inflation cones.

Bell bike pump - Bell Air Attack High Volumn Pump for Bicycle - Image 1

#8 – Bell Airstrike High Pressure Frame Pump

As the name suggests, Bell Airstrike High-Pressure Frame Pump is a high-volume pressure bell bike pump that’s made specifically for filling mountain bike tires. The three-inch gauge goes up to only 40 psi, with big, easy-to-read markings in one-pound increments. Of all the pumps on this list, this one has the gauge that’s the easiest to use for setting a precise tire pressure. The stable metal base is the same as the Air Tool and Air Tool Comp V2.

Like other bell bike pumps, its Air Tool also has a metal barrel, although it’s much larger in diameter to move a higher volume of air with each stroke. The plastic handle and loose-fitting plunger give the feel of a discount product. But testing confirmed that this pump’s gauge is accurate at all points, and we consistently reach for the Air Tool when filling mountain bike tires. We wished for only one thing: a release valve to let out the pressure. Though it may seem minor, it’s incredibly useful when you’re trying to hit 17 psi and you accidentally overfill.

Bell bike pump - Bell Airstrike High Pressure Frame Pump Airstike 350 High Volume Pump - Image 1


To be perfectly honest, you must have noticed a lot of similarities between the different bell bike pumps discussed here today. Sometimes, it seems like you’re dealing with the same product, only in a different color, under a different brand name, and a variable price tag. That’s why it’s hard to choose a favorite. As you’ve already noticed, most bell bike pumps feature similar, if not identical specifications: accurate gauges and indicators, sports ball needles, compatibility with both Schrader and Presta valves, and so on. That’s why we’re going to go with the model that has featured in addition to all these basics: the BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bell Bike Pump.

This particular brand provides some small additional benefits, which makes it super portable and comes in handy when you have to deal with flat tires. The flip switch of the nozzle is also a very nice addition, as it makes it easy to attach the hose’s nozzle to the actual tire valve and secure it in place. This will prevent any air leaks that are normally present with nozzles that aren’t secured. The T double valve located at the top of the pump makes it easy to switch between Schrader and Presta. Hope you find a matching bell bike pump that suits your specific biking needs.

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