February 22, 2023

Best Bike Racks for Truck Beds

If you’re an avid cyclist and are looking for the best way to take your bike on the go, then investing in a good quality truck bed bike rack is one of the most sensible decisions you can make. Not only do they provide a safe and secure place to store your bicycle while traveling, but they also free up space in the cab area so that you can focus on enjoying your ride rather than worrying about how your bike is going to fit.

In this blog post, we’ll cover all the different types of best bike racks for truck beds from basic racks right through to more complex models—and share our top picks for each category. So if you’re keen to get out there on two wheels without worrying about storage solutions, read on!

Best Bike Racks for Truck Beds

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Bike Racks for Truck Beds 

1. Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack Compact Trucks

Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack Compact Trucks

Discover the ultimate solution to transporting your bikes with our Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack Compact Trucks! Whether you are hitting the trails on a mountain bike, the open road with a road bike, or just cruising around town with a cruiser, this rack has you covered. Supporting up to two bikes of virtually any type, including e-bikes, fat tires, and BMXs, this mount is floor bed width compatible from 49″ to 59″. With its flexible wheelbase design and easy installation process, you’ll be ready to hit the road in minutes.

With its wheel mount design, there’s no need to remove the front tire and no holes to drill in your truck bed, making it incredibly easy to install. It also has adjustable features, allowing it to fit 20 “-29” wheel diameters and .75 “-2.8″ tire widths, as well as up to 5” wide with an optional fat tire kit. So now you can go anywhere with your bike and rest assured that it’ll be securely transported.

The Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack Compact Trucks is here to provide you with a convenient, secure, and easy solution for transporting two bikes safely in your truck bed. Crafted from all-aluminum materials, this rack will not succumb to rust due to inclement weather or long-term use. Additionally, if you need additional bed storage space or simply want the tailgate closed while transporting your bikes, the optional T-Gator allows the wheel to be securely mounted to the top of a closed tailgate. 

The design of this bike rack has been crafted specifically for quick and secure transport. Not designed for rigid mount situations, some bike movement from side to side may occur during transportation on rough roads—although each tire acts as an insulator that further reduces vibrations encountered along the way. No matter your terrain or transport concerns, this rack allows you to transport your two favorite bikes without fear of potential damage or injury. So don’t miss out – order the Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack Compact Trucks today and make your biking dreams a reality!


  • Easy installation
  • Supports up to two bikes of practically any type
  • Compatible with floor bed widths from 49″ -59″
  • Adjustable features for 20 “-29” wheel diameters
  • Crafted from all-aluminum materials
  • Optional kit for fat tires up to 5″ wide


  • Not stable enough

2. Pipeline Racks Truck Bed Bike Rack 

2. Pipeline Racks Truck Bed Bike Rack 

The Truck Bed 2 Bike Rack Compact Trucks is the ideal accessory to store, secure and transport two bicycles from one destination to another. This mount fits any truck bed that’s 58.5″ wide or larger, so you can install it on your vehicle in no time. The easy-to-use design of this bike rack allows you to quickly and securely attach the fastest form of transportation safely without sacrificing any space needed for other items. In addition, with a smooth design, your bikes will never scratch again while being stored or transferred to and from a truck bed.

Whether you need added storage for two singles or one double bike, this rack does everything with its multiple bike option size selection. And not just for compact trucks; it also fits full-size pickups directly from many brands. Choose from a 1 ½ inch hitch receiver option or an available roof/hitch rack adapter. Finally, enjoy more fun in the sun on your bike rides with added security, knowing that you are good to go.

This innovative wheel mount design holds two bikes in the back of any standard pickup truck bed and requires neither tire removal nor holes to be drilled into your vehicle frame to install it. Its adjustable features work with wheel diameters between 20″ and 29″, with tire widths from .75″ to 2.8″ across all terrains. Even if you have a fat tire bike, you can use the optional fat tire tube kit that allows up to 5″ wide tires to be securely mounted on the rack!


  • Fits any truck bed that’s 58.5″ wide or larger.
  • Easy-to-use design to quickly and securely attach bicycles
  • Multiple bike option size selection for two singles or one double bike.
  • No tire removal or holes are to be drilled into the vehicle frame.
  • Adjustable features work with wheel diameters between 20″ and 29″


  • Not a sturdy rack

3. Let’s Go Aero Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System

Let's Go Aero Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System

The Let’s Go Aero Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System is the perfect solution to transporting your bikes while on the road. This system fits most A-Frame trailers, as it secures your trailer’s tongue jack while freeing up space on the back of the trailer usually used for bike storage. In addition, the Jack-It has a series of secure locks that ensure secure transport and allows you to travel with peace of mind, knowing that your bikes are secure and safely stored away.

No more inconveniently tying down your bikes or worrying about whether or not they’ll remain in place during transportation. With this system, you won’t have to sacrifice useful cargo space for bike storage either, giving you even more carrying capacity on top of your already bustling trailer! Take your biking trips to the next level with a secure and safe way to transport up to two bicycles at once.

For your trailer, the Jack-It allows you to place your bikes onto the front, where there is very little extra bounce that could potentially damage your bicycles. Plus, with innovative components like Sway Control and foam bumpers, you can rest assured that these features will guarantee maximum stability and protect your bikes from scratches or dents. This bicycle rack allows you to travel in style and security.

With foam bumpers and the revolutionary SwayControl system, this rack offers enhanced stability and improved bicycle protection. The NoMotion pins minimize wobble, and you can even padlock them for extra security. Thanks to its high-quality construction and easy setup, you’ll be ready to go in no time. So if you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to transport your bikes wherever your travels take you, look no further than the Let’s Go Aero Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System!


  • Easy installation
  • Fits most A-Frame trailers
  • Secure locks for secure transport
  • Innovative Sway Control and foam bumpers
  • NoMotion pins minimize wobble
  • Ability to be padlocked for extra security.


  • Needs to purchase extra electric jack

4. Thule Insta-Gater Pro Truck Bed Bike Rack

4. Thule Insta-Gater Pro Truck Bed Bike Rack

Get ready to explore the trails in style with the Thule Insta-Gater Pro Truck Bed Bike Rack! This cutting-edge truck bed bike rack is perfect for adventurers and casual cyclists alike who can quickly and safely attach your favorite ride to the inside of your truck. The uprights are fully adjustable, so you can securely install the Insta-Gater Pro no matter what type of truck box you have, and the ratcheting arm allows you to quickly attach a single bike that weighs up to 50 pounds.

It’s easy to use, lightweight, and won’t compromise your vehicle’s aerodynamics. So wherever you’re headed, the Insta-Gater Pro has you covered—allowing you to comfortably bring your two-wheel companion along for all outdoor adventures! With no frame contact, you can rest assured that your precious bicycle won’t get scratched or dinged. In addition, its secure fastening system keeps your bike firmly in place, guaranteeing a safe and stress-free journey for both you and your bike.

Designed to fit almost all pickup trucks, this bike rack provides a secure attachment to the bed and allows you to transport up to two bikes in their own individual slots. In addition, your bike is secure and out of harm’s way while driving due to the angled frame design, which ensures your tire won’t rub against your tailgate or cab.

Compatible with 20 “-29″ wheels and up to 5” wide tires, you can easily load multiple types of bicycles. For added security, it also features an integrated cable lock and locking system that is compatible with the Thule One-Key System for ultimate peace of mind. In addition, the intuitive arms make loading and unloading a breeze; simply lift your bike into position and slide it into place. Plus, installation is quick, with no tools required!


  • Easy to use and install
  • Secure attachment to the truck bed
  • It holds up to two bikes in individual slots
  • Angled frame design prevents tire contact with the cab or tailgate
  • Fully adjustable uprights fit almost all pickup trucks
  • Includes integrated cable lock and locking system


  • Does not fit all tailgates.

5. Heininger Automotive Advantage SportsRack

5. Heininger Automotive Advantage SportsRack

The Heininger Automotive Advantage SportsRack makes transporting up to four bikes in your truck bed easier and safer than ever! With no tools required for assembly, you can be ready to hit the open road in minutes to get to your destination faster. The lockable cable ensures that your bike will stay securely in place during transportation. The heavy-duty powder-coated steel offers maximum strength, and the rustproof finish protects against the elements.

With a strong steel construction, this bike rack is ideal for carrying one bike on your truck or SUV. It also extends from 54.5″ to 66.5″ without a spacer and extends from 60.5″ to 72.5″ with a full-size spacer (included), so you’ll have plenty of room for even the longest bikes. In addition, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s paint job will remain completely safe—the system includes soft padding to protect both the bike finish and your car’s paintwork.

Everything you need to attach it to your vehicle is included, too, so installation should be a breeze! This great quality product represents excellent value for money, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor adventures with peace of mind! So, whether it’s camping gear, sporting goods, or bikes – the Heininger Automotive Advantage SportsRack is sure to provide a secure holding spot with unbeatable ease of use and convenience!


  • No tools are required for assembly
  • The lockable cable ensures the bike stays securely in place
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction provides maximum strength
  • Extends up to 66.5″ without a spacer and 72.5″ with one
  • Soft padding protects both the bike finish and vehicle paintwork
  • Includes all necessary hardware for installation


  • Can’t hold fat tire bike

Things to Look For When Choosing the Best Bike Racks for Truck Beds

1. Durability:

Bike Rack Designed With Weather-resistant Materials

You want a bike rack that is made from high-quality materials and built to last. If your truck bed is exposed to the elements, look for a bike rack designed with weather-resistant materials, such as rustproof aluminum. If your truck bed is not exposed to the elements, look for one made from sturdy and strong materials such as steel. Make sure that the bike rack you choose can bear the weight of your bike’s weight and any other items you might want to transport.

2. Security:

A good bike rack should also provide a secure way to mount your bikes on the truck bed, so it’s important to look for one with a security feature. Look for a rack with a built-in locking mechanism, either in the form of a keyed lock or an integrated cable lock. This will help ensure that your bike remains safe and secure when you’re away from your truck. Be sure to test out the lock before purchasing to ensure it’s easy to use and reliable.

3. Ease of Installation:

The Rack Can Be Securely 
Fastened to Your Truck

You want a bike rack that can be easily installed in your truck bed. Look for a model with all the mounting hardware, so you don’t have to worry about buying extra parts. Make sure the rack can be securely fastened to your truck, so it won’t shift or move while you drive. You should also consider how quickly and easily the rack can be removed when not in use so storage is a breeze. Finally, a good bike rack should include simple installation instructions and tools for an effortless setup process.

4. Adjustability:

When shopping for a bike rack, you should also consider its adjustability. Look for a model that allows you to reposition the bike racks to fit your bike’s size and shape perfectly. This will ensure that your bikes are securely mounted and won’t move when you’re driving. It would be best if you also looked for one with adjustable clamps to secure the bikes in place easily.

Fit Your Bike's Size 
and Shape Perfectly

Considering all these factors, you’ll surely find the best bike rack for your truck bed. With the right one, you’ll be able to transport your bikes safely and securely on any trip. Just remember to keep an eye out for quality materials, reliable security features, easy installation, and adjustable settings when shopping for the best bike rack for your truck bed.

How Do Truck Bed Bike Racks Work?

Truck bed bike racks are typically designed to be mounted onto the sides of a truck’s truck bed, allowing you to store your bicycles without occupying a precious cargo area. Mounting hardware usually comes with the rack and is designed to fit most standard pickup trucks. Depending on the model, installation may require drilling or other tools.

Once installed, the bike rack will provide a secure platform to hold your bicycles in place while traveling. The main advantage of using this type of rack is that you can easily transport multiple bikes without worrying about them taking up too much space or installing and uninstalling the bikes manually each time.


In conclusion, bike racks for truck beds add convenience and versatility to hauling your bikes. The choice is yours, from trunk-mounted racks for two or four bikes to cargo racks that hang from your SUV or truck bed. While these bike racks offer different features, they are still very durable and secure. No matter which one you choose, there’s no wrong decision. A trunk rack may fit your needs just as well as a more expensive spare tire rack.

You Can Easily 
Transport Multiple Bikes

Ultimately, it’s up to you which type of rack best fits your lifestyle and budget requirements. However, after considering all the discussed factors, our top recommendation for Best Bike Racks for Truck Beds is the Heininger Advantage SportsRack BedRack – 4 Bike Rack Carrier. Its clever design offers secure hold while protecting the bikes from road bumps, along with easy to install and uninstall feature with no mounting hardware needed whatsoever, making it the ideal option in our opinion!

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