August 23, 2021

Canoe bike trailer


On the water, canoes are one of the best ways to get around. They don’t require much money, paperwork, or energy. Plus, they save a lot of hassle when it comes to transportation. Even so, lugging them around isn’t a piece of cake.

You need something you can actually carry your canoe around in. We’re not talking about gathering an army of people to carry those things or even attaching it awkwardly to the top of the car. You need an option that can get you long distances without a sweat, and don’t take all day to set up.

You need a canoe trailer for your bike. Let’s go over some of the best options for canoe trailers on the internet right now.

The best options for a canoe bike trailer

#1 – RAILBLAZA Canoe Trolley Cart

RAILBLAZA is renowned for its sleek, athletically designed products. This epic design is no exception to that rule. Let’s go over some of its best and coolest features:

  • Wheels that can take a beating: When using this canoe trailer, you won’t have to worry about punctures or damage. These high grip wheels are made of strong rubber, and they can even be propped up next to the conveniently placed kick stand. It’s made for you to get wherever without having to deal with terrain or obstacles along the way.
  • A better alternative to carrying: When you strap this thing up to your bike, that’s it. You don’t have to figure out how to lug it around or get it to the water in a tough spot. Plus, the rubberized pads are adjustable and fit the vast majority of canoes and kayaks.
  • Easy to assemble: You can take this thing apart in 30 seconds or less, and it can even be stored inside your kayak for your next adventure. This makes for super easy movement at home, at the seaside, or right on the water.
  • Built to last: This product is reinforced with composite material and stainless steel axles. When you use it, you’ll notice how long it lasts, and how easily it can support a lot of weight. It literally cannot even rust.
Canoe bike trailer - RAILBLAZA Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart - Image 1

#2 – Bonnlo Canoe Carrier

If you want something that will really be able to travel on any surface, this is the canoe carrier for you. Our favorite feature is by far the tires, which are thick and hard to damage. But there are a whole lot more reasons to love this product, including:

  • A bunch of cool accessories: This version comes with two ratchet straps to help you keep your canoe sturdier while they’re in the cart.
  • Convenient stand: The support stand is spring loaded, keeping the cart up and ready for quick loading from the water.
  • Easy to put together: There’s no tools required to get this carrier out and put it back when you’re done with it.

#3 – TMS Canoe Trolley

This awesome kayak carrier is a well-built machine with a sturdy metallic frame. The dolly is made from stainless steel, and it’s got bumpers on either side to protect your canoe. It works for kayaks as well, or any small vessel for that matter.

It also comes with a nicely sized strap. This is really cool because the strap itself isn’t some annoying harness that requires a 20-page instruction manual to figure out. Instead, it’s a wide tie-down strap with a super simple buckle. Not only does this make it easier to use, but it works for basically any canoe no matter the size or design.

Users love being able to have a reliable device that isn’t complex or hard to use. It’s nice to finally go from having to lug your kayak/canoe everywhere to easily rolling it without a problem.

This carrier is like an ant: It’s lightweight but it can carry very large objects.

Let’s go over some common tips and tricks from users of this product:

  • Using the strap is as simple as throwing it to the other side of the kayak and buckling it in.
  • The product comes with clear assembly instructions, but the set up is so easy that most people don’t even need them.
  • This is on the larger end of canoe carriers, so it should comfortably store most vessels.
  • Many people walk a kilometre or more with it, and it never lets the canoe slide at all.
Canoe bike trailer - TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley - Image 1

#4 – Wistar Canoe Cart

This beast has got tires that can last through rain, sleet, & snow. They can take a heavy load, and a beating. The tires are made out of high-quality rubber and are one of the best thick dolly tires of their size. They can coast well through soft terrains (such as smooth grass or freshly paved cement), but also the tough stuff. We’re talking about heavy rocks, sand, or hills. Rainstorms, snowstorms or desert heat. These tires are good to go.

The frame itself is extremely powerful as well. It’s a durable aluminum pipe model that breaks down easily and can be installed into the dolly. This thing can be stored anywhere, and it can get you wherever you need to go, without breaking easily. The price is lower than many models, which means you can get wherever you need to go and you can trust that no matter what your canoe carrier faces, you weren’t being scammed a fortune for bad quality.

That’s the beauty of this item. It doesn’t involve paying an inflated fortune just to get something that’s the barely reasonable standard for safety. It also doesn’t involve getting a poorly made piece of junk imported from nowhere, all for the sake of a lower cost. Wistar offers a GREAT product at a GREAT cost, no exceptions.

Canoe bike trailer - Wistar Canoe Cart Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Dolly Trailer Tote Trolley Transport Cart Wheel, Capacity 220 Pound Two legs - Image 1

#5 – Seattle Sports Paddleboy – Large Model

Many items on this list can be described quite accurately with visual phrases like “canoe cart”. We think that this incredible product by Seattle Sports is more suited for a name like “chariot”. A lot of times, the wheels and tires used on kayak carrying carts are about the size of a small child’s tricycle. The wheels are the size of a small bike. But it gets better: They require 0 air and they have a coated steel frame. On rides with this, flat tires are physically impossible.

Not only can this thing go anywhere, but it can do anything. We’re not just talking about carrying kayaks, and canoes, but also paddleboards, smaller surfboards, and more.

Upon first glance, this is major eye candy, and you can tell it just gets the job done. But some people choose to purposefully purchase a smaller carrier. Why would anyone do this? Almost always, people are concerned about space.

“Will it fit in my car? Can I stuff it in with luggage? What if I don’t have a lot of space to store it long term”. If you’re wondering questions like these, you’re in luck. This incredible Paddleboy can be folded down quickly and packed anywhere in a breeze.

This cart is like the superman of kayak carts. There is no other affordable product on the market meant for single-person vessels that people use for their sailboats (albeit small ones). Rocky or dirty roads are no match for this canoe cart of steel.

Canoe bike trailer - Seattle Sports Paddleboy ATC All-Terrain Center Kayak and Canoe Dolly Carrier Cart, Grey, Large - Image 1

#6 – ABN Universal Kayak Carrier

Frankly, we like this product because it’s straightforward. You don’t have to deal with fancy gimmicks, like the long process of setting up and following a manual. Some manuals for online items can seem like you’re building the lego death star from when you were a kid! This one requires basically no setup, and you don’t have to worry about extra questions like dimensions. It can fit pretty much any manual vehicle that one person can fit in.

It’s got a 200lb weight limit, which isn’t half bad for any regular-sized canoe or kayak. In fact, users frequently like to put extra pool floaties (or even a small picnic basket) on any extra space the device has.

For buyers craving simplicity, this is the product to go for. You won’t need to worry about complications with setting it up, and you’ll have no issue getting from point A to point B with it. It’s also optimum for security and allows for vessels using this product to be wrapped around quite a few times.

Canoe bike trailer - ABN Universal Kayak Carrier – Trolley for Carrying Kayaks, Canoes, Paddleboards, Float Mats, and Jon Boats - Image 1

#7 – Seattle Sports Paddleboy – Large Model (Black)

We’re really digging this dark version of the most versatile canoe carrier known to humanity. Just like its other version, this thing has adjustable bars on the top & the frame looks like something you’d find in a SWAT team’s inventory.

Going low profile has never been easier. Not only is this thing a dark, sleek masterpiece, but it can also fold as well! Both of these features are great on their own, but when combined they can really shine through.

A lot of times, people don’t want to carry their traditional load of stuff down to the water. Maybe you’re getting older, or you just don’t find it convenient anymore. Whatever your reason for making the switch is, you want to get something that will lighten your load as much as possible. Getting something large and high quality is a worthy investment, especially if you’re someone who makes frequent kayak trips.

If you really needed to, you could haul other items on this. There’s quite a bit of room, and the load it can carry is impressive. Most importantly, you will get total peace of mind traveling over bumpy wilderness at long distances.

Canoe bike trailer - Seattle Sports Paddleboy ATC All-Terrain Center Kayak and Canoe Dolly Carrier Cart Black - Image 1

#8 – Rambo Canoe and Kayak Trailer – Black

Here’s a great option for a canoe trailer that will carry your vessel front to back, offering an incredible amount of safety. Also, it has less surface contact with kayaks as well, despite having such a longer grip than competing models.

We don’t think however, this cart’s true greatness isn’t in it in how it can carry seafaring vessels. In fact, the best part about this product is its ability to carry just about anything. Planning a fishing trip? Take all your poles out on the dock with ease. Maybe you’re more of a “picnic” kind of person. In that case, we recommend heading out with your food, umbrellas, towels, or really whatever! This carrier can really take a load, and it’s easy

Regardless of what your needs are, this item can certainly hold a lot. You’ll be good on sandy shores or muddy campgrounds. Walk with it, attach it onto a bike, or put it on your ATV. It’s yours for whatever load you’re trying to haul.

Canoe bike trailer - Rambo Bikes Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer, Black - Image 1


Canoe carriers, kayak trailers, or whatever you might call them, are amazing. There’s no better relief in life than to be able to finally trek down to the water without having to do all the heavy lifting. There are some pretty fantastic options on the market, and you could benefit greatly by doing some research on your options.

The above article has a lot of great information, but many wonder how to use it, and even what to look for in a canoe carrier. In any case, it’s best to get a good idea of how you’d like to use your device. We’d like to conclude by listing some key factors to consider when choosing a kayak trailer:

  • Weight capacity – Perhaps the easiest way to find a perfect canoe carrier for your needs is to find one that has a max weight limit at slightly above the largest loads you’d carry on it. This is best done by calculating the weight of a reasonably large load you’d carry, and searching for carts accordingly.
  • Size – This is one of the biggest determining factors in what item you should buy. Taking large items or many items? Bigger is better. Are you only taking your personal canoe through the woods and that’s it? Get something small.
  • User reports – With any product, it’s a good idea to find out what real customers think of the purchase they’ve made. It’s the best insight into your potential experience with a product.

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