November 9, 2021

Chain Guard Facts And Best Practices

It is prevalent to wonder whether you will need a chain guard when looking to buy a new bike. They are considered one of the core bike accessories, and you will not have flexibility when it comes to them. I know that you probably think it might be wasteful to include them on your mountain bike since you will be off-road biking most of the time, right?

As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that they should be a primary inclusion for those who want to buy a bike for commuting to work. This way, they can safely prevent getting their work clothes dirty or stuck in the cogwheels of your bike’s chain.

Keep reading to find out whether you will need a chain guard on your bike or not. If you are actively looking to buy a good bike, here are a few options under $1000.

What is a Chain Guard?

Also known as a chaincase or gear case, chain guards are utility casings enclosing the sprocket and chain assemblage on your bike. In simpler terms, they refer to the outer covering that surrounds your drive train. As already mentioned, the primary purpose of having a chain guard is to protect cyclists from getting clogged or spoiled in the chain unit.

Do You Need a Chain Guard on Your Bike?

As you can already tell, chain guards are a crucial inclusion. But this does not mean that they are a basic necessity for you to have on your bike. Chain guards are suitable for keeping cycling commuters safe from oil spillages or getting stuck in the drive train.

Imagine getting to work with a spoiled suit with bike oil? It does not sound pretty at all.

Well, before you quickly discard the idea of having one on your bike, here are a few more reasons to consider:

They additionally help to keep the chainring in line when cycling on rugged terrain. This is to means that they could be beneficial on mountain bikes after all. Failure to include one automatically implies that you might spend most of your weekend with greasy hands returning the chain to its place after it falls out when off-roading.

How is it Different?

Chain guards are commonly confused with bash guards, but they are very different from each other. Well, the bash guard on your bike is meant to protect its chainrings from being bashed and destroyed by debris and rocks. On the other hand, chain guards offer protection to both you and your bikes’ drivetrain.

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