September 13, 2021

Adult tricycle with a child seat


Being physically active does not need to be monopolized by adults. In fact, some parents should be able to share the experience with their children and that is why, to those who do not know yet, it is good to look into buying an adult tricycle with a child seat.

The first question that pops into the head: Why a tricycle?

The most obvious answer is that a tricycle is more stable than a bicycle because, at the end of the day, it is good to share your active lifestyle with your children, but their safety will always come first. Imagine putting unnecessary weight on a vehicle that you are already trying to make sure that it does not topple over you.

Comparison table

ImageProductPriceAdditional information
Tricycle Folding Bicycle
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ZHANGYN Tricycle
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$$$More Details
3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors
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Viribus 24in
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20inch Adult Tricycle
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This is why, although maybe “uncool” an adult tricycle with a child seat is always the better option. However, there are many more considerations that need to be factored in when picking an adult tricycle with a child seat, and these include:

  • Safety – the purpose of a child’s seat is to ensure safety, but to determine whether the seat is safe for your child, make sure that it has a three point harness and maybe either a belt or a bar that goes across the waist to ensure security because children may easily slip out, or some peice of clothing might dangle which is a recipe for disaster if caught by the wheels
  • Comfort – although more for the child than yours, it is best if the adult tricycle with child seat has proper cushioning, and to always make sure that you make the child’s head be comfortable. In most occasions, properly securing the head is paramount
  • Adaptability – this basically means that it is expected with the child seat on an adult tricycle to be passed around from one parent to another. That is is how it comes off and on should be easy enough that any ride will be able to accommodate it.

adult tricycle with child seat – best options

#1 – Tricycle Adult Folding Bicycle

This adult tricycle with a child seat will probably be the unique one because the seat designed for children has been built to fit two. On most occasions, mostly for safety, it is designed to only hold one.

What makes it more appealing to adults is how its framework is built with carbon fiber. It is the most expensive material that a bike can be made of, however, it is also the lightest. It is due to this fact that regardless of who is in front, maneuvering the tricycle with two children in the back is relatively easy.

It is also built with two baskets, convenient when you go out for groceries.

Adult tricycle with child seat - Tricycle Adult Folding Bicycle Comfortable seat 3 Wheel Bicycle Rear Enlarged Vegetable Basket Double Chain 20inch Shock Absorber Front Fork for Parents and Children Maximum Load 200kg - Image 1

#2 – ZHANGYN Adult Tricycle

Unlike the first adult tricycle with a child seat that was shown, the size of the rear where the children should settle down is smaller. Additionally, it only offers one basket meaning you should carefully consider what you buy when you are out with your child.

On the other hand, it offers the very same specifications that the previous one had such as:

  • A foldable rear
  • Frame that is made of carbon fiber making it light and easy to maneuver
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Seatbelts to make sure that they do not slip off the chair

The same as the first one, this adult tricycle with a child seat from Zhangyn checks all the factors that you need to heavily consider before making a purchase.

Adult tricycle with child seat - ZHANGYN Adult Tricycles Adult Trikes, Cruise Trike, Tricycle Adult 20inch 3-Wheel Bicycle Cargo Bikes Back Seat Rear Enlarged Food Basket, for Parents to Pick Up and Drop Off Children Load 200kg - Image 1

#3 – Adult Mountain Tricycle

As an adult tricycle with a child seat, this vehicle has tires that were designed like it was a mountain bike. That is why you are less likely to slip when cycling on this especially on wet surfaces which is an added safety measure, and necessary, with a child potentially on board.

It is made possible with the grooves on the tires that enhance its grip on any surface that you are cycling on.

Other than that, every other feature is identical to the first option that was selected. The frame is made of lightweight carbon fiber for maneuverability, foldability, and this time, it is built with two baskets which makes it more convenient to grab more essentials than the previous adult tricycle with a child seat on the list.

Adult tricycle with child seat - Kids Bicycle, Adult Mountain Tricycle, 3 Wheel Bikes for Seniors Adult Bikes 20 Inch Cruise Bicycles, Three-Wheeled Bicycles with Shopping Basket Exercise Men's Women's Men Tricycles ,Child's Bike 20 Inch Red - Image 1

#4 – Viribus 24in. Adult Tricycle

One of the top-of-the-line adult tricycle with child seat among those listed here which considers not only the children’s comfort and safety but also the driver. This is mainly highlighted with its cruiser handlebars which allows for a relaxed, upright posture while steering the handlebars

Additionally, the 24-inch wheels help keep the adult tricycle with child seat steady on its own, taking this crucial task away from the driver, giving them the chance to shift their focus on other important things like keeping an eye on the children who are in his hands.

Similarly, it has two baskets, but the framework is made of steel which might make it slightly heavier than the others.

Adult tricycle with child seat - Viribus 24in. Adult Tricycle Three Wheel Trike Bike Single Speed Cruiser with Child Seat Rear Basket, Hybrid Exercise Bike City Commuter, Step-Through Steel Frame fits Adult Plus Kid and Cargo - Image 1

#5 – 20inch Adult Tricycle

Just like any adult tricycle with a child seat on the list, this one is foldable for ease of storage, but its weight might become a problem because of how its frame is made of steel.

In spite of the basic features that this one has, when purchased it will come with many free items that you will find essential for the entire experience including repair tools.

Adult tricycle with child seat - 20inch Adult Tricycle Foldable 3-Wheeler Bicycles Ladies Tricycle with Rear seat + Basket, The Rear seat can Bring Two Children as a Gift for Parents black single chain - Image 1


You do not have to enjoy being physically active on your own. It is something that you can always enjoy with your family, and this should hopefully influence them to keep it up as they grow into adults.

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