February 2, 2022

8 Best Mini Bike Helmets


Mini bike helmets are a very important piece of riding gear where you shouldn’t compromise on quality for money. Mini bike helmets are no exception! Because, if you are doing off-road riding, then protecting yourself from severe injuries is the most important thing you must consider first.

So, to get complete protection while riding on motocross tracks, nothing gives you extreme protection better than dirt bike helmets. These off-road mini bike helmets are specifically designed to protect you from a significant hit during a crash. You have even noticed the unique design of dirt bike helmets, which look quite different than a street helmet because of its extended chin, more ventilation, and shell design.

This uniqueness proves that mini bike helmets play a major role in off-road riding and for providing extraordinary safety to the rider or motorcyclist. That’s why today we decided to do a comprehensive mini bike helmet review to help you decide which mini bike helmet is right for you.

Mini Bike Helmet – Best Options

#1 – XFMT DOT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet

The XFMT DOT Mini Bike Helmet is DOT approved; hence you can use it for cruiser rides without any strain.  One of the finest qualities of this headgear is that it has a UV-resistant coating. So if you want to ride your motorcycle on the hottest summer day, you will be well-protected.

Thanks to its composite shell construction, you will have an exceptionally long-lasting service once you get this one. And its superior sturdiness will prevent any damages if you ever fall into any accident, which is all we want! Despite having a heavy-duty build, this headgear is pretty lightweight. So if you don’t want to carry a block of cement while riding your motorcycle, you can pick it up for a breezy experience. 

To make your experience more comfortable, the whole thing is designed with adequate air vents. And these vents allow you to use this helmet on both summer and winter days without feeling too hot or cold.  It is designed with a flip-up visor for better convenience. Additionally, it is available in multiple sizes; hence picking the most suitable one won’t be an issue. 

And one of the impressive things about this helmet is that it comes with a heavily cushioned interior. Therefore, you can rest your face comfortably for as long as you want.  Moreover, you can remove the inner liner whenever you want to clean it, which will make the experience more convenient than ever. 

Mini bike helmet - XFMT DOT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Street Dirt Bike Helmet Goggles Gloves ATV Mx Helmet Black Skull Small - Image 1


  • Sturdy carbon construction 
  • Multiple air breathing vents
  • Glossy UV-resistant coating
  • High-density padding


  • Bulky in size

#2 – WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet

With a great range of sizes and styles available, this DOT-certified selection of kid motocross helmets from WOW is made from an aerodynamic, thermoplastic alloy. This makes the WOW Youth Kids Motocross mini bike helmets incredibly lightweight yet durable, with the ability to meet any impact with safety in mind. The inner is as comfortable as the shell is safe too, with a heavily cushioned inner layer to provide a snug fit and a removable, washable lining so that any dirt and smells won’t stick around when it comes to their next use.

Mini bike helmet - WOW Youth Kids Motocross BMX MX ATV Dirt Bike Helmet Spider Black Small Monster Shark Black - Image 1


  •  DOT-approved
  • Lightweight design
  • Highly durable
  • Heavily-cushioned


  •  Size problems

#3 – TCT-MT Helmet Motocross w/Goggles+Gloves

The TCT-MT Helmet is a high-quality open face modular mini bike helmet. It’s stylish and highly efficient at reducing damage even in an accident while you ride the bike. In addition, it provides an extra layer of decent protection that will keep your head safe while riding. It is an excellent option for motorcycle riders who want to remain calm and stylish on the road.

Not only has that, but its Anti-scratch, 3-button removable visor kept your eyes safe from the sun. This helmet is specifically designed for adults who want to ride without worrying about their safety and style. A comfortable lining inside the helmet keeps your head cool and dry. In addition, you will get a helmet bag for easy transportation.

The clear visor is perfect for those rides at night and early morning when the sun has not quite brought itself up over the horizon yet. The clear visor and reflective mirror visor are the perfect combinations for safe riding. That will provide a clear view while you ride. This model is also made very durable with lightweight material. The helmet comes with necessary safety features that give you comfort.

This model will fit your head perfectly with adjustable straps and detachable visors. In addition, it has features like dual visors, air vents, and many other beautiful options to make it comfortable.

Mini bike helmet - TCT-MT Helmet Motocross w/Goggles+Gloves DOT Youth Helmet Hot Black Skull Dirt Bike ATV Helmet Medium Black Medium - Image 1


  • The price is pretty reasonable
  • ABS shell offers good durability
  • Perfect fit for little kids


  • A little fragile

#4 – TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

The TCMT Dot Mini Bike Helmet is always available with gloves and goggles to cover the basics of your kid’s safety during their off-roading adventures, this helmet is DOT-certified and comes in a range of sizes to suit any new rider. As well as coming in a great, eye-catching design, the helmet and goggles are finished in UV protection, to add further to the safety of this choice. Not to mention the comfortable fit and ventilation make this a great choice for both summer and winter riding, especially as the liner is removable and washable.

Mini bike helmet - TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet Blue Skull Motorcycle Youth Helmet Dirt Bike Motocross ATV Helmet+Goggles+Gloves L Large Pattern:blue Skull - Image 1


  •  UV protective finish
  • 4 size options
  • Sleek modular design
  • Well-vented mini bike helmet


  •  Quality complains

#5 – BELL Mini Infant Bike Helmet

The BELL Mini Infant Bike Helmet is one of our favorite mini bike helmets for both big and little kids who love cycling.  The “child” size is perfect for toddlers and offers all the features of a more grown-up helmet.  It comes in both MIPS and non-MIPS versions and offers excellent rear-of-the-head coverage. Perhaps, most importantly, the helmet looks cool and comes in several bright colors and designs.  The only thing we’re not crazy about on this option is the cheap buckle.  It can be tough to fasten which is especially hard when you have a wiggly toddler on your hands.

Mini bike helmet - BELL Mini Infant Bike Helmet- Crocagators (7108760) - Image 1


  •  Stylish comfort protective design
  • Safety light increase visibility
  • Pinch-free buckling
  • Fits most head sizes


  •  Quality concerns

#6 – Hornit Childrens Bike Helmet

Mini Hornit is a British company established in 2012 by the Ironman triathlete called Tom de Pelet. Tom had spent seven years commuting to work by bike in London and saw an opportunity for innovative products to make cycling safer.  The Hornit Childrens-Bike-Helmets come in two sizes – Small and Medium. The helmets are tested to EN1078 which is the standard for Helmets for pedal cyclists and for users of skateboards and roller skates.  They also come with an LED light on the back, for extra visibility during the dark winter months.

Mini bike helmet - Hornit Childrens-Bike-Helmets Hornit Mini Lids Flamingo Small 19-21


  •  Cool looks
  • Rear safety lights
  • Safety certified
  • Fully adjustable


  •  Quality mishaps

#7 – LS2 Helmet

For those seeking an option that won’t irritate the skin on your face or neck, the LS2 Helmets are a worthy choice. It weighs 4 pounds, making it on the lighter end of mini bike helmets. That said, it offers a high amount of protection. Receiving approval from the DOT in both design and strap mechanism, this helmet is very safe. At the chin, behind the bar, is a strap that releases quickly when you’re finished. The shell of the helmet is constructed out of a high-grade polymer.

There are two levels of the shell, offering dual effects of impact dispersal. The material on the inside, however, is where this helmet really stands out. This mini bike helmet is machine washable and not prone to breaking down. Hypoallergenic and gentle, it offers the full benefits of padding without the risk of irritating skin. Bear in mind that, while it does meet DOT standards, the lightweight structure means there are only two levels to the shell. This speaks to the level of force it can safely absorb.

Mini bike helmet - LS2 Helmets Rapid Mini Helmet Youth Small - Image 1


  •  Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic shell design
  • DOT-approved
  • Removable washable padding


  •  None

#8 – Youth Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

This is another DOT-approved helmet on our list and you can choose it for a safe cruising experience. Besides its super chic outlook, the functionality of this mini bike helmet is worth every praise. As it is made with top-grade ABS material, you don’t have to worry about its durability. And this sturdy shell can efficiently protect your head from impacts, which is all we need.  The inner lining is removable; thus, you can wash it to make it odor-free. But the impressive part is that the whole thing is also anti-bacterial, which makes it even safer.

Moreover, the multi-density EPS liner allows you to have a comfortable experience all the time. As the padding isn’t stiff at all, you won’t have any problem even if you wear it around all day long. The ventilation system of this headgear is equipped with top and rear extractor liners. And the innovative thermoplastic technology makes it suitable for any weather condition, which is one of the most remarkable things. 

Mini bike helmet - Youth Off-Road Motorcycle Helmets,Children's Helmets for Off-Road Motorcross ​and Mountain Bikes,Comfortable and Light Weight, DOT Quality Certification,Blue,S Small Blue - Image 1


  •  High-strength ABS construction
  • lightweight mini bike helmet
  • Safety certification
  • Includes gloves


  •  None


When you’re ready to hit the trails and start off-roading on your new bike, safety is the top priority. Every rider needs a quality mini bike helmet to protect their neck and head in case of a tumble. Minibike helmets have to meet certain standards, namely those prescribed by the Department of Transportation (DOT). By choosing one constructed according to these safety guides, you can be sure of getting maximum protection. It prevents damage from impact, helping to avoid traumatic brain injury and neck damage alike. In conjunction with other gear, you can be fully decked out for your ride. 

Want to find a good helmet that’s both safe and stylish? That’s exactly why we crafted this list. We’ve broken down the best mini bike helmets on the market to help you track down the perfect fit. This piece goes through essential details about important helmet features. By learning what to look for in a helmet, you can find the ideal head protection for your ride. 

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