September 23, 2021

Best bicycle for 50 year old man


As children, we are hardwired to be physically active to a point where even parents surrender to exhaustion. In school, we are taught the basics and how to conduct our activities in a more purposeful approach. This is why, although never a guarantee, those who are able to turn this into a habit live longer lives, and being able to find the best bicycle for 50 year old man reinforces this lifestyle.

Cycling is an activity that promotes better overall health targeting multiple body systems. This is truly what anyone who is in their 50s would need. However, the best bicycle for 50 year old man may not always be readily available.

As someone who is up in age, there are many more factors that need to be considered when picking what the best bicycle is for you to use, and this can be daunting in many regards. However, if you dive deeper, you will discover that there are many options available that experts in the industry consider as the best bicycle for a 50-year-old man.

#1 – Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Schwinn designed the Discover 2 with the goal of providing its users with a smooth ride giving it a strong argument in becoming the best bicycle for 50 year old man especially with the inclusion of two features.

These are also the features that Schwinn believes in making these popular among the public especially among the 50-year-olds.

  • Seats with Adjustable Height – good posture when cycling is important and that is why having a seat that you can adjust the height of is vital in ensuring that it does not cause bad, long-lasting effects to one’s posture which is vital for anyone who is at least the age of 50 because that is more difficult to correct.
  • Durability – every bicycle, especially those that considers itslef as the best bicycle for 50 year old man needs to be durable. Schwinn’s Discover 2 boasts of having a stainless steel body that ensures that it will last for a lifetime.

Aside from the two features that are mentioned above, Schwinn’s Discover 2 also promises a smooth cycling experience with the help of its 21 gears that were designed to shift with precision as you move while the suspension underneath the seat ensures that any impact that cycling on a bumpy road is absorbed.

It also has its built-in fenders to ensure maximum convenience preventing any splashes as you cycle on wet, and muddy roads.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-Inch Wheels, Multiple Colors Discover Black 18-inch Frame - Image 1

#2 – Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike

On the other hand, the Diverse from Vilano offers a different experience as it promises to be the best bicycle for 50 year old man especially if he commutes daily. What makes this possible is its lightweight design because its frame is made out of aluminum, and yet, in spite of its lightweight attributes, this material comes very close or is at par to stainless steel when it comes to durability.

Other important features that puts the Vilano Diverse in the running for the best bicycle for 50 year old man are the following:

  • Adjustable Seatpost – as it was with the Discover, the seat’s height can be adjusted based on your comfort which is good news for your posture
  • Flat Bar for its Handles – flat bar handles are designed to maintain comfort even when you are cycling in an upright position which makes this even more in tune for those who cycle as their daily commute (you do not want to be hunched all the time on your way to work)
  • Quality Stopping Power – with disc brakes in its design, not only will it give the rider to put on the brakes anytime and at any speed, but, this will also give its user ultimate control regardless of the terain they ride on which might be a common experience if you go on a daily commute

True to its name, the Vilano Diverse is the best bicycle for 50 year old if they need a ride for their daily commute, regardless if it is for work or for a casual day out.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Disc Brakes 53 cm - Image 1

#3 – Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike

The Magna is an all-in-one bicycle that not only will give you the experience of having a bicycle that is best suited for your daily commute but also for extreme conditions during the weekend, and with the active lifestyle that is commonly being promoted to the public, it is only natural that you see 50-year-olds going through mountain trails on a weekend.

Having an all-purpose bicycle like the Magna is the perfect one for the older generation since they would not have to worry about having multiple bikes – an ultimate testament to convenience.

Features that support the capability of the Magna to become the best bicycle for 50 year old man who loves a one-size fits all bicycle includes:

  • Brakes on Both Ends – giving anyone the ability to stop on a whim which fits perfectly when you are up against very bad drivers and obstacles when you are going through a mountain trail
  • Shock Absorber on the Front – gives you the ability to ride through bumps without having to feel the impact as much as you would have

Most importantly, Dynacraft promises seating that has extra padding for your ultimate comfort.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike Boys, Girls, Mens and Womens 24 and 26 Inch Wheels with 18 Speed Grip Shifter and Dual Handbrakes in Red, Purple, Pink and Black 26

#4 – Schwinn Hybrid-Bicycle

The second listing for Schwinn when choosing what is the best bicycle for a 50 year old man, the Suburban is the company’s bid for a hybrid bicycle that could fit someone’s everyday casual use and their mountain trail excursion. However, in spite of its 18-inch frame, it is purposefully equipped with oversized wheels to ensure proper control and a smooth ride, regardless of the terrain.

That is also why it is equipped with front-end suspension to provide comfort, absorbing the impact regardless of the obstacles.

Additionally, the suburban was designed with safety in mind as it is equipped with a twisting gear shifter for convenience especially while running, and having seven gears to choose from adds even more comfort giving you the ability to choose how much effort you have to put into each kick.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - Schwinn Hybrid-Bicycles Suburban Black 18-Inch Frame Classic - Image 1

#5 – NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults 26″

Electric bikes have not become a mainstay in the cycling industry with many choosing them out of convenience and their power.

NAKTO’s E-bike is the embodiment of both of these. Not only does it give you six gear change options which gives you the ability to conquer any terrain, from the pavement to the mountains, but its battery promises 20-25 miles of travel in a single charge. This is mostly plenty enough with whatever your plans for the day are.

However, unlike most E-bikes in the market, when you do not use the charge, its cycling mechanism remains top end. In fact, it has been compared to most top-shelf bicycles available for purchase today. This means, regardless if you use its electric power or use your own strength, you do not lose the high-end quality experience that other electric bikes are promising to make it a good candidate for becoming the best bicycle for 50 year old man.

Additionally, the battery can be removed from the bicycle while charging to minimize the risk of it being stolen.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - NAKTO Electric Bike for Adults 26

#6 – Tracer Osaka Hybrid Bikes for Men

The Osaka Hybrid from Tracer is considered by others to be the best bicycle for 50 year old man because of one look, and you just know that it was designed with proper posture in mind. Its handlebars are positioned at such height that will allow for a comfortable ride even in an upright position which is beneficial for both the shoulders and the back – two parts of the body that an older individual has to look out for.

However, it is just as aesthetically appealing as it is functionally capable which may not be a priority among 50-year-olds, but being one is a welcomed addition.

Additionally, being a hybrid bike is an extra bonus.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - Tracer Osaka Hybrid Bikes for Men,Steel Frame,Shimano Nexus Inter 3/7 Speed,15-18 Inch,700c Wheels,Brown Seat Brown Grips, Road Bike,City Bike,Mens Bike,Multiple Colors HUNTER GREEN Inter 3-speed /Frame Height 580mm - Image 1

#7 – Huffy Hyde Park Comfort Bike

A comfortable ride is what Huffy wanted to achieve when designing the Hyde Park, and they achieved it by using a timeless design. However, in spite of its classic allure, it is built with modern functional features such as the Shimano Revoshift and rear derailler. These two ensure that you can choose among seven gears with precision and reliability.

Additionally, these smooth transitions make sure that you are kept safe while cycling making it a good choice as the best bicycle for 50 year old man.

Speaking of safety, being able to have a tight grip on the handles. Huffy acknowledges this commonly overlooked feature, which is why they designed their handlebars to have ergonomically designed grooves where your fingers can easily rest on.

It is also very lightweight given that its frame is made of aluminum alloy which makes carrying the bicycle around very convenient especially if you are planning to use it during your daily commute or for a casual ride around the neighborhood.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - Huffy Hyde Park Comfort Bike for Adults, 7 Speed, 27.5” Wheels, Various Colors, Shimano Drivetrain - Image 1

#8 – 700c Royce Union RMY

The Royce Union, just like many of the bicycles in this list, was designed to ensure that users get optimal comfort while cycling. This is made possible by the cushioned seat and two suspension springs underneath that help absorb the impact that each bounce caused by the terrain.

However, what Royce believes to provide the most comfort to the riders are the slightly raised handlebars. This supports an upright position while riding as it brings the shoulders closer to the more natural posture.

Additionally, it allows for 21 speeds which is a beneficial feature for beginners because it will give them more options to differentiate what ride is more comfortable for them.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - 700c Royce Union RMY Mens 21-Speed Hybrid Comfort Bike, 17

#9 – Kent International Hybrid-Bicycles Springdale Hybrid Bicycle White 29 inch

A chunkier-looking bicycle compared to others on the list, this selection from Kent International is similar to most hybrid bicycles. An aluminum alloy frame to ensure promote ease especially around the city.

It also has suspension forks that help absorb the shock from the varied terrains that it may be used on especially with how it is also categorized as a hybrid bicycle. This is also why it was built with fenders to prevent any splashes to the rider in case a muddy terrain comes up, commonly encountered after a downpour.

However, what differentiates it from the rest is how it allows for 22-speed options, evidence that it gives you far more control than the previous choice which is advantageous to beginners.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - Kent International Hybrid-Bicycles Springdale Hybrid Bicycle White 29 inch - Image 1

#10 – Vilano City Bike Men’s 7 Speed Hybrid Retro Urban Commuter

The most retro-looking about the many bicycles that are in the running of becoming the best bicycle for 50 year old man, Vilano’s City bike was purposefully take on the classic look of a bicycle. However, most that were mentioned above, this particular model comes with the option of having a water bottle holder installed.

However, do not expect it to be part of the purchase when you decide to purchase this bike model. It will be up to you to have one installed and look for an attachment that truly fits you.

Best bicycle for 50 year old man - Vilano City Bike Men's 7 Speed Hybrid Retro Urban Commuter - Image 1


When choosing the best bicycle for 50 year old man, it is important to remember that a comfortable ride and taking the posture into heavy consideration should always be at the top of the list. This is what these 10 bikes offer, and anyone can be in the running. However, at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and this may become the deciding factor.

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