October 22, 2021

Cycling Cleats Types, Facts, And 12 Popular Choices

Finding the best cycling cleats types can be confusing, especially if you have already read through the tons of biking information and guides out there. The one thing that most of these reviews commonly share is that most hardcore cycling enthusiasts and “biking gear heads” always tend to overcomplicate things.

This can be very demoralizing and confusing for both newbies and progressing entrants. Like on the “cycling cleat types” subject, most advice generally suggests getting specific specialized bolts, custom biking shoes, and even offer some pedals to use.

On the contrary, this article aims at simplifying things for you. So, before you start shopping for the best cycling shoes, we will be taking you through one of the simplest, easy reads about cycling cleats types.

Before we get to the meat of things, let us first define cycling cleats.

What Are Cycling Cleats?

In the simplest way possible, cycling cleats refer to the clip-in gear attached to your cycling shoes for more pedal grip. If you have been closely following any cycling sport, you must have noticed that the contestants usually have clips on their shoes.

Given that pedal slippage is one of the most notorious causes of bike accidents during racing, these inventions are commonly used to add traction between the shoe and pedals throughout the race. Getting a cycling cleat for yourself will keep you safe and enable you to pedal better.

Now that we are all on the same page and very excited to start shopping for these “babies,” it is time we discuss the different cycling cleats types that exist.

Cycling Cleats Types

Like any other commodity, the market is flooded with hundreds of cycling cleats types. Choosing from all these varieties and brands can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing, especially starting.

Therefore, knowing the different cycling cleats types that exist over time can help you select the right choice that meets all your cycling requirements without necessarily breaking the bank.

With that said, we have taken it upon ourselves to research and compile the most comprehensive yet brief list of the most common cycling cleat types for all levels of cycling. If you are ready, let us get to it then.

What are the Most Common Types of Cycling Cleats?

1, SPD Cleats – SPD cleat types are a dynamic sect of cleats that commonly features a 2-bolt design that should ordinarily fit with any mountain bike pedals and spin bikes that feature a similar style.

2. SPD-SL Cleats – SPD SL cleats types are similarly dynamic but predominantly lightweight and have a 3-bolt design that should match all spd compatible pedals and spds shoes.

3. Crank Brothers Cleats – Crank Brothers cleats types boast a bold 2-bolt design but are specifically viable for pedals from crank brothers only.

4. Campagnolo Pro-Fit Cleats – Campagnolo Pro-Fit cleats types have a conspicuous 3-bolt spike design that is only meant for Campagnolo pedals.

5. Look KeO Cleats – Look KeO cleats types feature a 3-bolt design that fits well with the Look KeO pedals.

5. Look S-Track Cleats – Look S-Track cleats types primarily have a 2-bolt design but will only work well with Look S-Track pedals.

6. Time ATAC Cleats – Time ATAC cleats types are commonly characterized by a 2-bolt spike design that only fits Time ATAC pedals.

7. Time Iclic Cleats – Time Iclic cleats types essentially highlight a 3-bolt design that attaches nicely to pedal brands from Time Iclic, Iclic 2, and Xpresso.

8. Time RXS Cleats – Time RXS cleats types portrays a 3-bolt design and are commonly viable with the time RXS pedals only.

9. Xpedo XPT Cleats – Xpedo XPT cleats types are a significant highlight of M-power and a couple of other Xpedo models, which mainly require a two opening fitting.

10. Xpedo Thrust 7 Cleats – The Xpedo Thrust 7 cleats types are meant for any three-opening projection that is similarly found on the Thrust pedals.

11. VP ARC Cleats – The VP ARC cleats types also come with a three-opening fitting design and are mainly best suited for the Look KeO pedal framework.

12. Clipless Cleats – as the name suggests, clipless cleats types are cleat models that have no spikes to hook and attach to pedals.

How to Clip In Cycling Cleats

If it is your first time buying and using cycling cleats, it is recommended that you seek installation assistance from someone already familiar with them. But if you have no access to a pro, the following tips will help you attach your preferred cycling cleats types all by yourself:

  1. Put on your cycling shoes and attach the cleats directly aligned with the ball on your feet for maximum productivity and safety.
  2. Position the cleats in the best toe-in-toe-out position possible to minimize your risk of getting injured.
  3. Ensure that your cleats are tightly installed.
  4. Clip the cleats in and slowly pedal while ensuring that everything feels natural and comfortable.

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