August 15, 2021

The Best 360 Drift Trikes To Buy This Year


360 degree trikes are the cornerstone of any great childhood. They’re great for so many reasons. For one, they let any kid of basically any age get a feel for safely riding a bike. It’s nice because they lack all the usual standards of a trike, like falling or unavoidable tire punctures. At the same time, they let the rider exert lots of energy to zoom around wherever they want. Many come with epic designs and cool flags. It’s not commonly talked about, but learning to ride 360 drift trikes is a big moment in any child’s motor skill development. The learned ability to pedal 3 wheels typically comes a short while a child learns to walk proficiently.

This means that riding 360 drift trikes is a big step in any child’s independence. However, during such a big change, it’s important to be aware of some big safety tips for young ones (as well as their parents) learning to ride 360 drift trikes. Here are some:

  • Make sure your child is always wearing the right protective equipment. At the very least, this means a helmet, which is required by law in many places. It’s also good to make sure the child has clothes that will protect them when moving their legs. This means good tennis shoes and pants that will protect from cuts or scrapes.
  • Maintain careful watch over your child when they’re riding. We all know the dangers of riding near cars or busy areas. Everyone is also familiar with concepts like stranger danger. It seems like a no brainer, but one really can’t stress the importance of keeping watch over your child when they’re using 360 drift trikes. This is especially important because they will (hopefully) be moving much faster than they previously have been when crawling or walking. You might be surprised at their speed.
  • Get good 360 drift trikes and only when your child is ready. The best way you can ensure trike safety is by looking at the situation yourself. You have to ask yourself if your child is really at the stage where they can handle a trike, and you should review how safe any potential purchase would be.
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360 trike drift – best options

#1 – Razor RipRider 360 Caster Trike

There’s a lot to love about this awesome little tricycle. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Full turning at any angle – This is the ultimate 360 experience.
  • Casters that are double inclined – Your little rider will drift without any resistance, and be able to spin and turn like crazy!
  • Well made design – Here’s an epic trike that features rubber grip handlebars, an amazing fork model, and a hefty steel base. This thing will last through thick and thin, being able to give your kid a sturdy ride every single time.
  • Super easy to assemble – A lot of people put faith into the razor name because they tend to give really great products that are surprisingly easy to put together. There’s no exception here. You’ll have a long lasting, easy to use trike put together in a couple minutes.
  • A nice starter toy – For parents, a big worry is kids going off with older cyclists or speeding their trike out of the visible area. This thing is a nice early trike that will teach your kids the basic maneuvers without giving them too much freedom to get away from your watchful eye.
360 trike drift - Razor RipRider 360 Caster Trike - Image 1

#2 – MG Mini Drift Trike

This cool trike has a lot to offer, and it gives a classic look to 360 drift trikes. The design is super cool, with a super generous seat, and thick extended wheels. This trike is like the Batmobile of 360 drift trikes. Here are some features that customers particularly love:

  • Great for developing basic trike skills – If your child is especially young, or otherwise struggles with basic cycling skills, this model is especially easy to learn with. The front wheel feels just like peddling a real bike, but the back ones are all about support and smoothness. Plus, it’s low and slow, which means it’s especially hard to get injured using this product.
  • Quick installation – Many users report that setting the trike up is unusually simple, and that the directions aren’t even necessary.
  • Quite large – Trikes like this usually run for small children, but it’s not uncommon for children up to age 11 or 12 years old to fit in it comfortably.
360 trike drift - MG Mini Drift Trike – Suits Boys & Girls Ages 5+ - Max Rider Weight 150lbs – 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty – Awesome Drifting Action – Built to Last Est. 2002 Black/Green 2020 - Image 1

#3 – CCCYT Electric Drift Car

If you have a young one focused on a stylish ride, look no further. This is a sweet trike, plus it’s electric. Nicknamed a “car”, this ultimate toy can seem like it has the power of a small automobile. Needless to say, its power shouldn’t be taken lightly. Let’s go over some of the best reasons to get this awesome electric trike:

  • One size fits many – This awesome electric car isn’t just for young tots. With a built in length adjustment, adults and children can take turns riding this motorized machine of speed. Don’t worry about safety either. It’s got plenty of great features, like a safe start switch, built in brakes, and a simple acceleration button.
  • A fancy gear position – Such a great design in such a tiny trike is practically unheard of. The gear position is a newly updated design, with 3 main speed choices.The switch is quicker, and easier to use. Plus, these speed settings make drifting easier and safer.
  • Modern upgrades – In terms of newness, this epic tricycle uses some of latest tech on the trike market. It’s not some of the brightest headlights, and perhaps the most powerful lithium battery a trike has ever seen, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 20 kmh.
  • Wheels built for safety – In the new design, the main wheel is more sturdy, more durable, and is overall more smooth to turn. There won’t be any rough skidding on this high quality, ultra flexible wheels.
360 trike drift - CCCYT Electric Drift Car Electric Tricycle Suitable for Children Drift Kart 360 Three-Wheeled Power Rider Adjustable Length of Four Gears - Image 1

#4 – Electric Kart 360

Similar to number three, this electric trike offers the finest in design and the newest in performance on the trike market. This includes:

  • A design centered around safety – Featuring two shock-absorbers, this awesome drifter will let your kid hit hard bumps without feeling a shock or giving much (if any) damage to the trike. Plus, it’s got all the competitive safety measures that any good trike these days has. We’re talking about a safe switch to start it up a bright design to be as visible as possible.
  • Top tier light design – Compared to previous models, (which have weak lighting systems and aren’t very visible), this fantastic machine uses the best and brightest beams trikes can have. This makes night time riding a breeze, and ensures that your tot can be seen clearly by you and anyone else on the road.
  • Lots of speed options – Are you tired of the typical “on/off” speed options of cheaper electric trikes? It can sometimes feel like you need another option besides full speed and full stop. With this trike, there’s not one speed setting, but three.

360 trike drift - Electric Kart 360 Electric Tricycle Electric Drift Trikes Child and Teenager Outdoor Garden Road Riding Toy 360 Three-Wheeled Power Rider - Image 1

#5 – Razor Rip-Rider 360 in Jingle Bell

Another classic trike model, this brand really can’t be beaten for quality or originality. Plus, it’s got a really special design that will be great to ride during the holiday season, or whenever. Here’s why we love it:

  • It’s a classic spin on the old 70s trikes. They’ve got that traditional low rider look with a shiny Christmas style patterned design.
  • It has dual inclined casters, which helps the rider drift and spin with ease.
  • It has updated freewheel mechanics which make the trike coast like crazy.
  • The trike is made from a steel frame, and has one of the most popular handlebar designs known to biking.
  • It can comfortably take more than 150 pounds, which is pretty good for a little trike.

360 trike drift - Everything Jingle Bell New! Razor Rip-Rider 360 Drifting Ride-On Tricycle Bike Trike Kid's Ride On Blue - Image 1


As you look at trikes for your little ones, there’s a lot of options & a lot of things to consider. We’d like to conclude with some major things to think about and factor in when purchasing 360 drift trikes:

1. An easy riding experience.

It shouldn’t be that riding (or even setting up) your trike is a difficult feat. Riding a trike for the first time is all about a fun, enriching experience for the tot. It’s the antithesis to the horrors and pains of learning to ride a bike. Trikes are all about going easy and moving fast. If the trike you’re considering is meant to be ridden in some sophisticated, complicated way, you’re probably doing it wrong. Choose something that is not only easy for your kid to ride, but easy to set up. Not only does this show brand integrity from whoever you decide to purchase from, but it also lets you enjoy this big milestone, rather than having to deal with a long, difficult setup.

2. A GREAT suspension

The easiest way to getting the best ride is to find what was built with the best design. It seems like a no-brainer, but many parents look for what’s shiny and flashy, rather than what was crafted well. This is where it’s smart to look into the specifics of what you’re buying. One of the best ways to look at that is through the rear suspension. This is the big secret to a good ride, and its quality can tell you pretty much everything about the quality of the trike itself. Look for any reviews that mention suspension at all. If people are consistently talking about how bad it is, don’t even think about buying it. If there are a large number of people praising how well built the suspension is, you’re basically guaranteed to be getting a good trike.

3. Good Wheels

The previous tip is extremely effective when you can find a lot of information on the suspension, but that’s pretty rare. It’s more common to hear people talk about the quality of the wheels, and they’re usually the most noticeable part of 360 drift trikes. After all, these kinds of trikes are basically known for their flashy, oversized wheels.

So what should one look for in a wheel anyway? For one, most people who discuss or review a trike will talk about the wheel in some way, so it’s just a matter of doing your homework. Other times, the product description or picture itself can give you a pretty solid idea of what the wheel will be like. You’re basically looking for something that’s as like a car wheel as possible. If it’s big and rubbery, great. If the manufacturer brags about how safe and authentic the wheels are, that’s also a good sign. What you don’t want to see are plastic-looking, fake wheels. The back ones are good as plastic, but they should be as large and outstretched as possible. The more coverage and friction the wheels can get, the smoother the ride.

4. The know-how to do your homework and install correctly.

Not all tricycles are created equal, and you may be looking for one that isn’t some “pre-installed” piece of junk. While we can assure you that there are some good pre-installed trikes on the market, you’ll have better luck with ones that require a little work, like the ones above. That being said, properly setting up a trike is more important than setting up most products. If you fail to set up a canoe trailer, you might lose a canoe, but if you fail to properly set up a trike, you could injure someone. This is where the intuition is in your hands, and it’s always good to double check.

Speaking of that, we recommend doing as much research as possible before actually making a purchase. There are so many 360 drift trikes to choose from, and that’s a good thing. By getting specific with your wants and needs, you can narrow down your choices more easily and select something that fits your exact needs. Things like safety, size, budget, style, and accessories are all good starting points.

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