October 27, 2021

Types Of Bikes – 5 Popular Choices Revealed

Before we talk about the types of bikes, did you know that the global bicycle industry is worth more than $45 billion and that more than 100 million bikes are manufactured every passing year? Astonishing as it might seem, these statistics back the reason why cycling is one of the most popular and cheapest means of transport worldwide.

Besides transport, cycling is often considered the best way to keep fit and spice your weekend adventures. They have a long line of history that runs back to 600 hundred years ago when the first bike inventions had no pedals nor steering bars.

You must be wondering how people used to ride these first models, but that is a story for another day.

Now, let us get back to the different types of bikes.

Besides being the cheapest way to commute, knowing your preferred types of bikes can largely help minimize your chances of getting a stroke, reduce heart complication risks, and spice your social life with friends during weekend adventures.

This article will walk you through the different main types of bikes to help you find the perfect fit for all of your biking needs. Keeping in mind that not all bikes are the same, it would be best to note the main purpose and differences between them for you to find the one that will match your preferences.

That said, let us dive right in.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are one of the commonest types of bikes around. As the name suggests, road bikes are mainly designed for roads. Their build primarily consists of smooth thin tires for fast speeds on smooth pavements and drop handlebars to relieve pressure on your hands while riding. This unique build is particularly good for road racing and quick on-road commutes. The main downside to this model is that road bikes are not made to carry heavy loads and are largely unstable if ridden on unpaved trails.

Cyclocross Bikes

Well, this might sound a little new to those who are still new to the world of bikes and cycling. This essentially refers to the type of bike used in the cyclocross bike racing sport. Also known as cross bikes (cx bikes), the cyclocross bike is a form of a road bike, but it has been modified to support and comfortably handle varied terrains with mixed surfaces, just like in the sport. Its build features drop handlebars, wider tires with extra traction for off-roading purposes, and various braking systems that prevent mud from accumulating in the frame.

Touring Bikes

Touring bikes are truly special in their way. It often ranks among other top types of bikes mainly due to their overall convenience. These bikes commonly come with all the necessary mounting bolts for fenders and cargo racks to allow self-supported riding and carrying of heavy loads over long distances. Its main features include drop handlebars, a simple bike frame design, and a low gear range. Their main advantage over regular road bikes is that they are more durable and are excellent for people who want a pick that will enable them to travel with their luggage even on steep terrain.

Fitness Bikes

Fitness bikes refer to high-performance bicycles that mainly feature lightweight frames, narrow tires, and flat handlebars. It is one of the most popular picks for people who dislike the drop handlebar design on road bikes and want more riding efficiency, especially when riding on pavements. Most fitness bikes often readily accept wider tires and commonly supports the mounting of fenders and cargo racks. This way, fitness bikes can quickly be transformed into commute bikes that can be ridden on unpaved trails. 

Mountain Bikes

As the name implies, mountain bikes are best suited for those mainly after a bike design meant for rough off-road tracks. The mountain bike design often includes flat handlebars, a very low gear range for climbing steep trails, shock absorbers for extra comfort, and wide tires for added traction. The best thing about these bikes is that you can easily customize and use yours for commuting and touring.

Folding Bikes

Considered as the latest most popular types of bikes, folding bikes are generally great for those who want something that requires less room for storage or transport. They are uniquely smaller than the standard bike and commonly features a foldable frame design. Despite offering unrestricted entry to trains and buses when commuting or touring, their small wheels generally make them relatively less efficient.

Final Thoughts

Learning the different types of bikes today is always the first step towards choosing the best bike for all your cycling needs. From the standard road bike to drift bikes and velomobiles, you cross-matching your preferred pick with your biking needs and requirements will help you find your best choice fast. If none of the discussed bicycle types fits your preferences, consider expanding your research to get the best pick for you.

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