February 23, 2023

Best Bike to Put a Motor on

Do you want to experience a whole new level of outdoor adventure? If so, then putting a motor on your bike is the perfect way to do that! With an electric motor attached, you’ll be able to explore further and longer with less effort.

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled mountain biking excursion or just want some help getting around town faster, we have the knowledge and expertise here at this blog to get you started on finding the best bike to put a motor on into your next great cycling adventure.

Best Bike to Put a Motor on

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Bike to Put a Motor on

1. Heybike Ranger Electric Bike for Adults

1. Heybike Ranger Electric Bike for Adults

The Heybike Ranger Electric Bike for Adults this remarkable piece of machinery is great for city dwellers who want to move around in style and comfort! This electric bike has an impressive 48-mile range and 25MPH top speed and is perfect for anyone looking to explore the outdoors.

Who wouldn’t love 4’ fat tires with shock absorber capabilities? They provide better performance with a cooler visual appearance – you can take on even rugged mountain trails comfortably.

The design of the frame is also spectacular; it folds easily so you can carry the Heybike Ranger Electric Bike for Adults into your trunk or store it away at home when not in use. In addition, the step-thru frame design makes it quick and easy to get on and off. Plus, there’s plenty of storage space so that you can bring all your items with you without hassle.

Riding performance exceeds expectations as well. With 500w brushless geared motor technology, say goodbye to power loss over time – the Heybike Ranger Electric Bike ensures long life and excellent performance no matter how often you ride it.

So wherever you may be going next, do it confidently, knowing that your vehicle won’t just get you there but will get you there safely.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – get yourself a Heybike Ranger Electric Bike today! Enjoy long rides and comfortable travel while experiencing worry-free durability and eye-catching design like never before!


  • 48-mile range
  • 25MPH top speed
  • 4’ fat tires with shock absorber capabilities for better performance and cooler visual appeal
  • Step through frame design for easy on/off mounting
  • 500-watt brushless geared motor technology for power loss prevention and long life
  • Plenty of storage space to bring items with you

Cons :

  • So heavy and hard to assemble

2. Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

2. Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

If you’re looking for a fun and reliable way to commute, then the Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike is a perfect choice. This powerful bike offers plenty of options to help make your ride easy, efficient, and safe.

You get a long-range battery with modular 36V 10Ah capacity, giving you up to 40 miles per charge using pedal assist. The 350w rear-drive motor provides excellent power and speed at 19mph. Whether you’re taking short trips or longer jaunts, the Cityscape is ready for both!

Not only does the Cityscape have great power and battery life, but it also delivers a comfortable riding experience no matter how far you go. It features 26” puncture-resistant tires, Shimano 7-speed options, and a dual shock absorber that provides stability and comfort regardless of road conditions or terrain.

There are three working modes to choose from so you can adjust how much help you need on any journey. For example, safely slow down using the dual disc brake system or utilize the integrated lighting system when it gets dark out so drivers can see you from afar.

On top of all that, the Cityscape has an aesthetically pleasing look too! Its frame is made from superior materials with step-through geometry for that retro cycling style look, plus it comes in both regular frame and low bottom frame sizes, making sure everyone can find one that fits perfectly.

The wide swept-back handlebars make cruising easier than ever before, so it doesn’t feel like a time-consuming hassle just getting from point A to point B anymore – now it’s actually enjoyable!

If reliable commuting is what you’re after, this may be your dream bike: practical yet stylish and powerful enough to tackle everyday adventures; choose the Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike today!


  • Long-range battery with modular 36V 10Ah capacity
  • 350w rear-drive motor for powerful and speedy rides up to 19mph
  • 26” puncture-resistant tires, Shimano 7-speed options, dual shock absorber for comfort
  • Three working modes: pedal assist, throttle mode, and eco mode
  • Dual disc brake system and integrated lighting system for safety and visibility
  • Wide swept-back handlebars for comfortable cruising

Cons :

  • Very heavy bike

3. SOHOO Adult Step-Over & Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

3. SOHOO Adult Step-Over & Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike

With the SOHOO Adult Step-Over & Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike, you’ll be able to go everywhere. Take it on a road trip, camping in the great outdoors, or even hit up the beach or boardwalk and make an adventure out of it!

This tough and durable electric bike is designed with both folding capabilities and off-road uses in mind. The fat tires give it traction and stability that your standard bike won’t have. 

The resilient body is complemented by strong motivation from a potent motor that gives riders assistance over challenging terrains. There’s a reliable Shimano 7 Speed drivetrain for shifting capacity when needed.

With three working modes – electric push assists, pure electric, or pure physical cycling – you can find exactly the right speed for whatever distance you need to travel. 

You can also count on safety when riding with advanced front and rear dual Disc brakes to ensure maximum control at all times. Plus, you get several extras simply by choosing this model, such as solid carbon steel forks and adjustable handlebars/stems to provide tailored comfort – as well as an LCD display to keep track of your journey! 

The SOHOO Adult Step-Over & Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike is perfect for any adventurer looking to go off the beaten track while still staying safe and comfortable. So don’t wait any longer – reserve yours today and take your ride wherever life takes you!


  • Durable body
  • Potent motor
  • Shimano 7-speed drivetrain
  • Three working modes
  • Dual Disc brakes
  • Adjustable handlebars/stems & LCD display

Cons :

  • Poor Quality

4. LANDX GOSEN Q5 Electric Bike for Adults

4. LANDX GOSEN Q5 Electric Bike for Adults

Experience the thrill of exploring the world with SOHOO’s Amazing Adult Step-Over & Step-Thru folding E-Bike.

As its name suggests, this powerful electric vehicle is easy to fold and adjust with a maximum speed of 28 MPH and a range of 30+ miles – so you can get exactly where you want to go without breaking a sweat!

It’s perfect for people who love adventure but don’t want to be restricted in terms of range or speed.

The SOHOO Adult e-bike combines high-performance technology with an incredibly convenient design! The CST 4.0 All Terrain Fat Tires allows riders to take on any terrain with ease, whether riding through snow in the winter or taking on challenging trails in summer.

Not only that, but the amazing adjustable handlebar and posts make it super comfortable to ride – no matter your size!

Moreover, your purchase comes with a reliable service warranty – giving you peace of mind when out exploring in all kinds of weather! With SOHOO’s incredible Electric Bike, you can enjoy all your outdoor adventures more than ever before – quickly, easily and above all, safely. So why wait? Take your outdoors experience to new heights with SOHOO today!


  • Foldable and adjustable design
  • CST 4.0 All Terrain Fat Tires
  • The maximum speed of 28 mph
  • Range of 30+ miles
  • Reliable service warranty
  • Adjustable handlebar and posts for comfort.

Cons :

  • Cheaply made

5. VELOWAVE Electric Bike for Adults

5. VELOWAVE Electric Bike for Adults

Are you looking for an electric bike that can offer you full power, superior performance, and that offers excellent riding experience? Introducing VELOWAVE Electric Bike for Adults – the ultimate transportation solution for all your needs! With a 750W powerful BAFANG motor, this electric bike will carry you anywhere with its max speed of up to 28+MPH.

The 48v 15Ah LG battery further adds to the range- it can easily last up to 30-50+ miles per full charge! What’s more? Experience comfortable rides even on steep terrain and tough roads, as the all-terrain fat tire and hydraulic disc brakes provide superior grip while the suspension fork offers improved shock absorption.

Now you no longer have to worry about safety, service, or warranty when investing in this eco-friendly transportation solution. As an added assurance, we provide 1-year company limited warranty and friendly customer service staff, always eager to help if there is any problem during use.

Brandishing a long promising lasting use, VELOWAVE Electric Bike for Adults is the perfect “green” transpiration option for those wishing for a greener, efficient yet powerful means of transport at all times. So why wait any longer? Invest in VELOWAVE Electric Bike for Adults now!


  • 750W BAFANG motor
  • 48v 15Ah LG battery
  • Grippy all-terrain fat tire and hydraulic disc brakes
  • Suspension fork for improved shock absorption 
  • 1-year company limited warranty

Cons :

  • Hard to assemble

5 Considerations Things When You Need to Buy the Best Bike to Put a Motor On

1. The Type of Bike You Have

One of the first things you need to consider when buying a motor for your bike is the type of bike you have. Different motors are available for different bike types, so it is important to ensure that you get the right one. If you have a mountain bike, for example, then you will need a different motor than if you have a road bike.

2. The Size of the Motor

Another thing to consider is the size of the motor. You must ensure that the motor is the right size for your bike. If it is too small, it will not be powerful enough to ride up hills or go as fast as you want. On the other hand, it will be difficult to control if it is too big and could damage your bike.

Consider is the Size of the Motor

3. The Weight of the Bike

The weight of your bike is also an important consideration when you are choosing a motor. If the motor is too heavy, it will make your bike difficult to ride and could cause damage to the frame. If the motor is too light, it may not be powerful enough to ride up hills or go as fast as you want.

4. The Cost of The Motor

Of course, the cost is another important consideration when choosing a motor for your bike. You need to ensure that you get a motor within your budget. There are some very expensive motors on the market, but there are also some very affordable ones. It all depends on what you are looking for and how much money you are willing to spend.

5. Installation Instructions

Finally, you need to ensure that you get a motor with installation instructions. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to install it properly and without any problems. There are some motors that are very easy to install, while others can be quite difficult. It all depends on the model that you choose and how familiar you are with installing them.

Very Easy to Install

Benefits of Using Motor on A Bike

A bike with a motor is an excellent solution for those looking to traverse long distances quickly and easily. With a motor, riders do not need to rely completely on their own strength; the added boost can help them maintain their stamina throughout the ride.

In addition, when riding up hills, a motor can make it easier for bikers to conquer tough terrain. Moreover, now that electric bike motors are available, riders can go farther than ever without worrying about running out of energy.

Not only are these energy-efficient bikes great for your wallet, but they also provide clean and eco-friendly transportation. Using a motor on your bike is truly a great way to navigate the world in an affordable and green manner.

6 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Buy the Motor for a Bike

1. Not Knowing the Right Size

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a motor for their bike is not knowing the right size. It is important to know your bike’s size before purchasing a motor, as this will ensure that the motor fits properly and does not cause any damage to your bike.

2. Not Checking for Compatibility

Another mistake people make is not checking for the motor’s and bike’s compatibility. Unfortunately, not all motors are compatible with all bikes, so it is important to check that the motor you want to buy is compatible with your bike before you make your purchase.

3. Not Considering the Weight of the Motor

Another factor that people often overlook when trying to buy a motor for their bike is the weight of the motor. The weight of the motor can impact how easy or difficult it is to install, as well as how well the motor will perform once it is installed. Heavier motors may be more difficult to install, but they will typically provide more power and torque than lighter motors.

4. Not Checking for Certification

When buying a motor for your bike, it is important to ensure that the motor is certified. Certification ensures that the motor meets certain safety standards and has been tested for quality. Purchasing a certified motor will give you peace of mind knowing that you are buying a safe and reliable product.

5. Not Considering the Cost

The cost of the motor is another important factor to consider when buying a motor for your bike. Motors can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, so it is important to set a budget before you start shopping. Remember that more expensive motors typically offer more power and features than less expensive models.

6. Not Reading Reviews

Finally, one of the most important things you can do when trying to buy a motor for your bike is to read reviews. Reading reviews from other customers will give you an idea of what to expect from different models and brands and can help you narrow down your choices.

Putting an Electric Motor on Your Bike

Is It Legal to Put an Electric Motor on A Bike in My State?

If you live in a state that allows it, putting an electric motor on your bike can be an easy way to increase its speed without spending more energy pedaling. However, it is important to research your state’s legal requirements for using electric motors before attempting such a modification; the regulations may vary from one region to another.

Furthermore, if the motor is too strong or if it exceeds certain wattage limits, it could be illegal in some states and punishable with hefty fines. Some bicycle-sharing programs offer electric bicycles as an alternative form of transportation, so make sure to explore those options as well.

In any case, ensure you always ride safely and responsibly when utilizing a motorized bike!

Do I Need Special Tools or Skills to Install a Motor onto My Bike?

Installing a motor onto your bike may seem intimidating initially, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and some mechanical know-how, any riding enthusiast can successfully install their own electric motor.

However, if you don’t feel confident in your technical skills, then it is better to call an experienced professional who can give you expert advice and assistance when installing.

While general tools such as screwdrivers and Allen keys are often recommended for installation, it’s worth investing in specialty tools if you plan on performing more complicated or frequent repairs.

Also, ensure that you always double-check that all components are secured correctly before using your modified bike out on the roads for safety’s sake!

Installing a Motor Onto Your Bike


Riding a bike is not only a great way to get some exercise but also enjoyable and can help you save on gas. If you’re looking for the best bike to put a motor on, we recommend the Heybike Ranger Electric Bike for Adults. It’s comfortable to ride, has an impressive range, and is very affordable.

Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty in case anything goes wrong. So if you’re looking for an electric bike that’s both well-made and economical, the Heybike Ranger is a perfect choice. Thanks for reading our post about the best bike to put a motor on.

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